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If there’s one Bluetooth device I’ve been using more than ever with my Android smartphone in recent months, it’s the portable speaker. There’s something about the summer that brings an with it an urge to carry music everywhere with me, either to listen to personally through headphones, or in the car, or to share with friends. And these days, the Bluetooth speakers that you can buy to work with your smartphone and tablet are so well made and robust that there’s no real risk involved taking a couple to the park, or even the beach. But, the Bluetooth speaker market is a crowded one right now with a bunch of great brands vying for success. We recently took a handful of speakers for a test run so as to find the best one to purchase for your Android device: those that are affordable, as well as those that represent some kind of investment; the infinitely portable, and of course those that sacrifice all of the above for audio quality and bass.

8. Amazon Echo ($179.99)


Amazon have cropped up a number of times on our lists of accessories, now, and it’s easy to see why: they have a team that seems committed to creating products that can rival brands with years of experience in particular fields. And while many of the AmazonBasics series are in line with the more affordable products and have come to represent a safe investment for your money, there are others such as the Amazon Echo that exist in the higher price ranges but do so for a reason. The great thing about the Amazon Echo is that it is voice controlled, meaning that you can tell it what to play from across the room, that is if you don’t want to just use the remote control. It’s also compatible with select Wink, Belkin and Philips Hue devices so as to allow you to control your lights and switches through the Echo, too. – Buy from Amazon

7. JBL Flip 2 ($75.99)


JBL is another company that is dedicated to providing excellent products at affordable prices, though their designs aren’t really there to catch the eye: think the practical over the fashionable. The Flip 2 is one of their most recent releases, and while rather regular looking still boasts excellent levels of audio quality. Depending on how loud the music is that you’re listening to, the Flip 2 should last you around 10-12 hours per charge which is more than enough for a day of tunes at the beach!- Buy from Amazon

6. Creative Sound Blaster Roar ($134.95)

Creative Sound Blaster Roar

I remember Creative from the days when they used to be the go to brand for PC speakers, and so it makes sense that they are still very much in the picture when it comes to Bluetooth speakers for Android devices. This model, the Sound Blaster Roar, is a relatively hefty speaker at 2 and a half pounds, but boasts an 8 hour batterly life and excellent low and mid range audio. It is however one of the quietest speakers out  there, which is a bit of a disappointment given the name but looks great when placed on a bookshelf or mantelpiece. It also has a built in mic that will let you make and take calls without having to mess around with your smartphone.  – Buy from Amazon

5. Koss BTS1 ($45.00)

Koss BTS1

If you’re looking for a great affordable option this summer when it comes to finding a Bluetooth speaker for your Android device, then look no further than the Koss BTS1. The battery life here is a dwindling 5 hours, which might prove a mark in the negative column for some folks but it will be more than others really need. The Koss BTS1 is compact, and at just 0.5 pounds is one of the more lightweight portable speakers you will find on the market today, and perfect to slip into a bag or suitcase when travelling. – Buy from Amazon


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