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I don’t know about you guys, but I really can’t stand using on screen keypads for any prolonged amount of time. I mean, they’re great for quickly responding to messages, but put them up against the test of replying to emails and things can get a little frustrating. Of course, most of you guys will probably have quicker fingers than me, but when it comes to work stuff, replying to long emails is something I have to do throughout the day and can’t afford to dedicate half an hour to typing out something that would take me 10 minutes otherwise. That’s where Bluetooth keyboards can be infinitely useful, with a huge range of options out there to turn your iPhone or iPad into something entirely different and really boost your productivity. There’s always been something very odd about putting an iPhone next to a larger keyboard of this kind, so what I typically do is use my iPad and connect a Bluetooth keyboard to it in order to write, then use my iPhone to take calls. Here are our favorite Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad!

8. AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard ($25.99)


When purchasing accessories for mobile devices and tablets, the best place to look is obviously Amazon since they have so much to choose from – but the best place I often find to start is with Amazon’s own line of products. Their AmazonBasics range is a great option for those who want something that is robust and does the job well, but won’t break the bank. I currently have an AmazonBasics in-car charger and it’s lasted me for some time – very well designed and excellent value for money. They also have their own Bluetooth keyboard as part of that specific range, which is well worth trying.  – Buy from Amazon

7. Belkin QODE Ultimate ($74.24)

Belkin Qode

If you’re not too bothered shelling out $75 for a Bluetooth keyboard to go with your iPad, then you can’t really go wrong with the Belkin QODE Ultimate range. If you really don’t mind spending money, then we would suggest the Pro edition of this particular keyboard which will set you back around $130 at the time of writing but you get what you pay for, I guess! – Buy from Amazon

6. Kensington Key Folio Thin X3 ($58.03)


Points should certainly be given for any developer that differentiates even slightly from the means and sticks their neck out in an effort to offer the user something slightly different – isn’t that how we evolve? And Kensington have done this to some extend with their Key Folio Thin X3 Bluetooth keyboard, in that it also serves as a backup battery for an iPhone or iPad that’s in trouble. This can be particularly useful when you are traveling, since you can use the keyboard almost like a dock and plug it in so as to use some of its battery while typing. It’s a nice touch, and does well to set this particular model apart from the pack, though others might see it as something of a gimmick! – Buy from Amazon

5. Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard ($55.99)

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

I find it hilarious that Microsoft makes what can surely be considered one of the best Bluetooth keyboards for Apple’s iPad, but there you go. This one is a slim but very robust option that has a convenient plastic cover that makes it ideal for taking around with you without fear of it getting dirty in your bag. The keyboard works very well on your lap or on the desk, but the real closer here for me is the satisfaction that comes with using a really well designed keyboard. There is something about the key press of a well made keyboard that is well worth the $50 odd that you would spend on this one. The great thing about this keyboard is that it works with a range of different devices, so you can use it with your Android phone or Windows computer as well as your iPad. – Buy from Amazon


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