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All those who use their smartphone for work, there will have been a time when responsibilities have forced you to write out some long-winded email using your on screen keyboard, which is no mean feat. Often, there simply isn’t time or you are not in the right situation to use a laptop or tablet, and as such only the smartphone will do, but tapping out long walls of text using it can be a real chore. Fortunately, there are a bunch of portable Bluetooth keyboards out there that are designed to solve this very problem, and are compatible with just about any and every device. Of course, these keyboards are mainly designed to boost your productivity and allow you to type out complicated things even when on the run or perhaps when not in a position to sit down with a laptop. We recently took a few of these Bluetooth keyboards for a spin so as to gauge which is the best all-round purchase that you can buy, in this case concerning Android users but most of these keyboards will work with all devices.

8. AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard ($25.99)


With so many of these different lists of the best accessories, we often find ourselves testing something from the AmazonBasics range and, in all honesty, they’ve done an excellent job maintaining some level of design and usability but at the same time presenting products that are affordable. The 2 port AmazonBasics car charger is a great, simple piece of kit, as is their Bluetooths speaker which we plan to feature in an upcoming article. Another excellent accessory belonging to this particular line is their Bluetooth keyboard, which is a fairly straightforward item but does a decent job even without the rechargeable battery of other similar keyboards. It’s also not as cheap as some! – Buy from Amazon

7. ZAGG Universal Keyboard ($14.49)


One thing I really do love about going through the Bluetooth accessories for Android devices that we’ve featured recently is when you come across a product that tends to deviate from the norm in terms of designed. Developers are constantly looking to find some kind of new angle, and I really appreciate and admire that. One Bluetooth keyboard for Android that we came across recently that certainly does differentiate is this one from ZAGG, which is made in a curved shape that is suppose to offer an improved and ergonomic typing experience, complete with curved additional piece that acts as a cover for the keyboard but also a handy stand to prop up your smartphone when typing. – Buy from Amazon

6. GMYLE Bluetooth Keyboard ($18.98)


The first thing that popped in to my mind when trying out this Bluetooth keyboard from GMYLE is how much it looks like a regular laptop keyboard, perhaps stripped from an ACER Aspire model. And really, this is the kind of typing experience it offers, since it doesn’t really feel as though you’re using a portable keyboard at all. Many of the products we’ve featured on this list feature fairly large spacing between keys, but GMYLE do quite the opposite here. The keyboard functions with Android and iOS devices, as well as Mac and Windows should you need to use it for your desktop or laptop computer as well. It’s ultra thin, and at less than $20 is one of the more affordable options around. – Buy from Amazon

5. Anker Ultra Compact ($19.99)


Perhaps the best feature of the Anker Ultra Compact model is something that the name gives away: that fact that its surface area and keys are condensed to a shape that is around two thirds the size of a regular keyboard. It also has great batterly life, since it will last for around 6 months – that is, cosnsidering that you use it non stop for about 2 hours each day. The matte finish is something I often look for in a keyboard these days, and this one also boasts a great level of compatibility. – Buy from Amazon


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