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Everything about smartphones these days is hands free, from taking calls to checking emails and searching for things online. Voice activated software such as Siri means that you can easily check on stuff without lifting a finger, which is absolutely ideal when you are busy doing stuff. Driving, for example: so many of the auto accidents caused in the last year were related to drivers using their cellphone when driving, which is just about the most irresponsible thing you can do at the wheel of a car besides drinking alcohol before doing so. There is a burgeoning industry and market for Bluetooth headsets that embrace the idea of wearable tech, and allow you to do things like drive while keeping in touch with people for work. It never used to be the case, but finally we are getting to a point were these headsets are no longer intrusive. We tested out a bunch while researching for this particular list, and some products are so lightweight and subtle that you forget you are actually wearing them. Without further ado, here are our top Bluetooth headsets currently available for the iPhone.

8. Abco Tech Headset ($19.97)

Abco Tech Headset

The Abco Tech is definitely one of the more affordable Bluetooth headsets out there for iPhone users, but does it stand up to the competition. Well, I’d say after using this one for a day or so that the answer is a definitive YES. The Abco Tech does tend to stand out from the pack, rather than lag behind it. I love the way that it automatically wakes up, connects and answers at the sound of any incoming call. This is great for a number of reasons: first, that it sleeps in order to conserve battery power, and second that it connects and answers automatically, leaving your hands completel free to do other stuff such as driving or working. The magnetic charging dock also triggers this Sleep/Wake mode, and ensures that you are never out of battery for that important hands free call. – Buy from Amazon

7. HAVIT HV-H913BT ($23.79)


HAVIT offer a lot of different models of Bluetooth headset, but this one seems to stand out as one of the more popular, which is why we chose to try it. It’s actually simply down to time, but we weren’t able to try out any other of the HAVIT products, and kind of regret not having the time to do that since this one is so great. It’s an excellent affordable option if you aren’t willing to spent upwards of $50 on a headset, and contains DSP technology and Clear Voice Capture so as to get rid of outside noise and make sure your conversation is as clear as possible. The dock can be carried around to charge up the headset, and even when in sleep mode, it will wake up and connect and answer the call, which leaves your hands free for everything else! – Buy from Amazon

6. Plantronics M165 ($28.62)

Plantronics M165

The Plantronics M165, also known as the Marque 2, is one of a range of useful Bluetooth headsets produced by this particular company. We decided to pick the best one for this, but there is also the M55 that is worth checking out. It’s a great option, particularly if you’re on some kind of budget and are not too bothered about all the features that some headsets offer. The Marque 2 has about 7 hours of call time in its battery, which does pale in comparison to some but is good enough if you just use it to and from work in the car or whatever. – Buy from Amazon

5. Jawbone ERA ($64.00)

Jawbone ERA

Out of all the ones we tried, the Jawbone ERA might be the smallest and subtlest Bluetooth headset of the lot! It really is tiny, and is perfect for those who would rather limit the size and weight of the device they are wearing. It fits snugly inside your ear, and isn’t the kind of headset that you have to constantly push away from your face, like someone swatting away some annoying insect. Like other headsets, this has built in technology (creatively known as NoiseAssassin) to detect vibrations in your skin and work out which noise is part of your conversation, then cancel out all the rest. – Buy from Amazon


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