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As an Android user who doesn’t particularly need a Bluetooth headset in the day to day running of things, both at work and at home, I found this list quite a task to assemble. I mean, it’s all well and good adopting certain headsets for a period of time and ranking them based on a number of different qualities, but I’ve never experienced the stress that comes with speaking animatedly into one of these for 12 of the 24 hours in the day, so I’ll never really know which is the most durable or comfortable for long periods. That said, there are a huge amount of different headsets out there, so you can find one to appeal to just about every kind of need; from the subtle and lightweight ones to those that simply sit in a dock in your car, for example, to be grabbed when the phone just happens to go off while driving. Check out our favorite bluetooth headsets below, then feel free to suggest some of your own in the comments section!

8. Sony SBH20B ($29.00)


Let’s start with one of the more basic and affordable bluetooth headsets out there at the moment: the Sony SBH20B. This allows you to pair your Android device with your headset with ease using an NFC capable device. And as we’ve come to expect from Sony, the sound quality here is excellent with dynamic stereo delivered to your ears; the low bass notes are hit well and the treble is clear enough. The real reason that I picked this particular headset however is due to its simplicity: many of the others that appear on the list don’t have the kind of remote control that comes with the SBH20B, but some users may appreciate its presence. – Buy from Amazon

7. Samsung HM1300 ($13.00)


For those thinking that we couldn’t go more affordable than our last pick, prepard to be disappointed! The Samsung HM1300 remains one of the cheapeast bluetooth headsets out there at just $13 at the time of writing. Of course, with this small price tag you are going to get a headset that lacks the kind of features and functionality of many other headsets, but it does get the job done and is perfect for someone on a budget or a user that doesn’t really use their headset very often but needs one just in case. The multipoint technology that comes built into this particular model will allow you to pair it with two different devices at once, which is perfect if you own both an Android smartphone and tablet, using Skype or whatever. – Buy from Amazon

6. Plantronics M50 ($49.99)


Plantronics has steadily asserted itself as one of the more trusted names in the world of bluetooth headsets, with a range of different options that are designed to cater to different users and help to identify exactly what you are looking for in a headset. The Voyager Legend remains their most lauded headset out there on the market at present (more on that one later, predictably enough) and as such the Plantronics M50 almost lives in the shadow of its cousin. It’s not quite as glamorous, but is more affordable so if the $75 price tag attached to the Voyager Legend is what’s putting you off, then why not look into the M50?- Buy from Amazon

5. Jawbone ICON HD ($74.99)

Jawbone ICON HD

Jawbone has become one of the more recognized brands out there when it comes to activity trackers that are both functional and affordable, and that’s exactly the approach it takes into the headset game with the ICON HD. This is one of the more sleek and subtle headsets you will find, and comes as part USB audio adapter and part headset. It’s particularly great for its noise reduction capabilities, and the HD sound quality is second to none. The battery life is fairly solid, and you can keep tabs on this using your phone so you won’t be caught unawares in the middle of a call. There are also seven different earbuds to choose from, meaning that you have an excellent chance of finding the one that fits you ear snugly. – Buy from Amazon


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