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Do you blog? I’ve been a regular blogger for quite some time, but typically use my MacBook to keep up with the writing and maintain things such as responding to comments, posting on social media, and that kind of thing. Social media is easy enough to manage on your mobile device, but the blog itself can be difficult to maintain when on vacation and without a computer, for example. Thankfully, there are a bunch of great blogging apps out there that bring the process of blogging to your Android smartphone or tablet and make it much easier to keep up with things. Of course, I’d much rather write on a laptop with a regular keyboard, but often you simply don’t have access to such luxuries and must make do with whatever you can lay your hands on! Many bloggers I know will typically queue up posts when away from their keyboard, on vacation or whatever, which is a great way to maintain a steady flow of content but you still need an app to maintain your blog in a more general manner. These are the best blogging apps for Android device, not only for bloggers but also for those who read them!

8. Feedly (Free)

Those who know blogging will know all about RSS feeds, and I figured I’d kick off this list by referring readers to one of the best RSS readers out there. Feedly has become something of a go to app for me when keeping up with my daily digestion of blogs, or at least has been since Google Reader closed its doors. – Download from Google Play

7. Hootsuite (Free)

Once you get a blog that has an established social media presence, you will often find yourself spending more time managing its various social pages than you do your own personal pages on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It can be a real pain switching between these, and often reposting the same content to different sets of followers. An excellent way to manage these social media accounts is Hootsuite, which basically puts all your different social feeds in one place and then lets you post bulk updates across different platforms. A real time saver! – Download from Google Play

6. Buffer (Free)


Slightly slicker and more comprehensive an option than Hootsuite, Buffer is another great way to share your blogging content across various social media platforms. With this one, you can easily share to sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more with the tap of a button. Posting bulk content across different feeds was never easier! One of the things I’ve noticed bloggers complaining about is the ability to schedule posts on their blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress but not on their respective social media profiles. Buffer is great in that it allows you to schedule things to post whenever you want to, even when you’re not away! – Download from Google Play

5. Weebly (Free)

Moving away from the social media management side of things and on to proper blogging software, Weebly is worth mentioning for its no nonsense approach. With it, you can easily create high quality blogs while on the go. It does lack the kind of features that set the likes of WordPress apart, but is great for beginners and features all the basic stuff that you could ask for, including the ability to make posts, view comments, check stats and post to Twitter or Facebook. – Download from Google Play


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