Top 8 | Best Travel Planning Apps for iPad

If you’re heading off on an important trip this year, then you’ll know how important piece of mind can be. It used to be that a well worked itinerary or well stocked folder of documents was enough to bring piece of mind, at least in terms of organization while traveling, but these days that seems to have transferred to our mobile devices and the apps we keep stocked on them. Airlines have spent a fortune in the last few years in developing their own official apps for exactly that purpose, offering their customers a full experience that allows them to keep track of their flights, book hotels and rent cars, and even track the progress of your plane when in the middle of a flight! Planning is everything however, and I’m a firm believer that a great holiday can be both made and unmade in this crucial stage. There are lots of different travel planning apps out there for your mobile device these days, but which are the best options for you? We take a look below:

4. TripCase (Free)

There are quite a few of these out there on the App Store at this point, but one of the best travel planning apps is TripCase, which organizes all of your travel plans and basically streamlines your itinerary. If you’re the kind of traveler that hates being disorganized and must have all your documents available and at your fingertips at all times, then check this one out. – Download from iTunes

3. Citymapper (Free)

One of the most frustrating things about visiting a city when on vacation is having to take advantage of the local public transport system. This is of course cheaper than renting a car, and if you’re staying in a proper city is probably a much smarter approach. It does mean however that you’re going to have to purchase tickets in advance, download maps, etc. This is where Citymapper comes in: it’s one of the best travel planning apps out there that is dedicated solely to deciphering the public transport system. The only real drawback here at this point is that the app is limited to a few cities that it supports, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, but also some European capitals such as London and Paris. – Download from iTunes

2. PackPoint (Free)

PackPoint is another recent discovery as far as travel apps go and has since become one of my absolute favorites to turn to when traveling. One of the more important steps in the travel planning process is of course the packing, which is something that many people overlook but is absolutely key, at least in my opinion. An organized bag means an organized trip! PackPoint starts by allowing you to set up your own trip, and then goes ahead and suggests things that you should be taking with you given the place you’re going, the forecasted weather during your stay, and what activities in particular you’re planning on doing. – Download from iTunes

1. TripIt (Free)


One of the best travel planning apps out there however, at least when it comes to organizing yourself when embarking on a trip abroad, is TripIt. This app basically brings together all your travel info in one app, from itineraries to important documents such as car rental receipts, restaurant bookings, etc. There can be nothing worse than when you’re traveling and in a rush than having to fumble around and find the right documents in a line at the airport or queuing at the hotel, and TripIt takes the pain out of this entire process by gathering all of your important travel info in one places so that you don’t have to! – Download from iTunes


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