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As the dust settles on the Superbowl for another year, we thought it would be good to go back the drawing board and check out some of the apps we get our fix of sports news from. Most of us have now decided on a specific sports app and won’t really look in any other direction, intent that this is the app for us and that no one can tell us otherwise. People have allegiances to specific sporting networks, too, whether they be ESPN or NBC or Fox – well, not really, nobody likes Fox – and as such will download the app that suits them. ESPN even named their app SportsCenter initially, just to take advantage of the fact that this was their most watched show. There has been an uprising in the past few years or so however of third party sports app developers, who have come at things from a different angle when it comes to furnishing our lives with the best breaking sports news and opinion. Some of these developers don’t have the commercial clout of your average sports network, but this isn’t always a disadvantage.

4. Yahoo Sport (Free)


The Yahoo Sports app is another great source of sporting news, and is perhaps the biggest name in this market behind ESPN at present. Their app is actually one of the more subtle ones out there at present, with a clean interface that makes following the latest scores easy. You can get schedules, scores, stats and there is great coverage of soccer as well as the other American sports. Another area that the Yahoo Sports app excels in is when it comes to sports blog content, since they have some of the best writers out there on board, delivering the latest sports opinion to your smartphone on a daily basis. – Download from Google Play

3. Team Stream (Free)


When it comes to the average sports app or even the average sports website, it’s all about content. Content that is concise, timely and thought provoking. Many of the sports news websites out there these days, even the biggest ones supported by sport networks in the US, are always looking to innovate in terms of content and make it more accessible to the readers. This is why opinion columns and personal blogs have become so popular. Well, Bleacher Report has been one of the best sites in this area for some time now, and their app offers much of the same. There is however a notable emphasis here on social aspect when it comes to content delivery, allowing you to follow the Twitter streams of those in the know to get all the latest sports news as it breaks.  – Download from Google Play

2. TheScore (Free)

When it comes to sports apps these days, one thing that people look for above all else is to be in the know and receive lightning quick updates. People will regular follow things like games as they happen in text form, which is why sites like ESPN and the BBC Sport app spend millions covering events in this manner. There are one or two sports apps out there dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest scores, and one of the best of these is TheScore. It allows you to keep up to date with the latest events as they happen, but is also one of the best in terms of alerts customization, meaning that you can pick your favorite team and set up your own notifications and as such avoid all the sports news you’re not interested in. – Download from Google Play

1. ESPN (Free)


As mentioned previously, the ESPN app used to be known as the ESPN SportsCenter app, which to be honest made perfect sense given the popularity of that particular show. Much of ESPN’s programming was built around the SC base, but what if you don’t actually sit there and watch SC for hours at a time? Well, it seems that ESPN realized that at some point and decided to roll together all their functionality into one general ESPN app that gives you the opportunity to follow the latest scores, get the latest coverage and everything else. As you can probably imagine, the coverage of less popular sports isn’t really the strong point of the ESPN app, but it is second to none when it comes to covering the latest US sports news: football, basketball and baseball in particular.  – Download from Google Play


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