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As the dust settles on the Superbowl for another year, we thought it would be good to go back the drawing board and check out some of the apps we get our fix of sports news from. Most of us have now decided on a specific sports app and won’t really look in any other direction, intent that this is the app for us and that no one can tell us otherwise. People have allegiances to specific sporting networks, too, whether they be ESPN or NBC or Fox – well, not really, nobody likes Fox – and as such will download the app that suits them. ESPN even named their app SportsCenter initially, just to take advantage of the fact that this was their most watched show. There has been an uprising in the past few years or so however of third party sports app developers, who have come at things from a different angle when it comes to furnishing our lives with the best breaking sports news and opinion. Some of these developers don’t have the commercial clout of your average sports network, but this isn’t always a disadvantage.

8. Thuuz Sports (Free)


One of these third party sports app developers is the team behind Thuuz Sports, which has become quite the favorite for sports fans looking to get the latest news and scores on their mobile device. Thuuz sets itself apart from many of the other apps in this already crowded market however by focusing on game schedules so that you can correctly plan your weekend around the only thing that matters: that being sports. While many of the other sports apps you find will zone in on what defines us as sports lovers, that being our fandom, and invites us to select our favorite team upon installing the app, Thuuz does things slightly differently. It rates games depending on their anticipation level and ultimate excitement level, which makes it perhaps the best sports app out there for the neutral. – Download from Google Play

7. Feedly (Free)

A slightly different app that you might not have expected to find when browsing this list is Feedly, which is essentially an RSS feed app that is designed to help you customize the feed of content that you get on a daily basis, either from news sites or blogs or everything combined. Much of us sports fans these days will follow a handful of blogs and/or podcasts on a weekly basis, which makes something general like Feedly an absolutely essential download if you’re going to follow everything. There are lots of great sporting blogs that don’t have the support of an official app, but Feedly allows you to set up a feed that delivers this content to your mobile device. – Download from Google Play

6. CBS Sports (Free)


The CBS Sports app recently got a major overhaul to bring it into the current century and give it more of a material design-inspired aesthetic. We love it, personaly. CBS hasn’t really become a station that one would associate with the subtle and the clinical, but its app breathes these particular qualities. The UI is clean and concise, with easy enough navigation and none of the clutter that you might imagine would plague an app backed by CBS in particular. No, this app is an excellent way to follow your favorite team, and the interface in particular is perhaps the best feature of the app. It’s also great for those that watch CBS on a weekly basis, since you can easily check when your favorite programmes are on or when games are showing. – Download from Google Play

5. NFL Mobile (Free)


We here at Top 8 are huge NFL fans, so it wouldn’t be quite right to come up with a list of Android sports apps without mentioning one of the official NFL apps. They currently have a handful of different options out there, but one of the best is their NFL Mobile app, which provides free video content for Verizon subscribers. – Download from Google Play


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