Top 8 | Best Magazine Apps for iPhone

The best magazine apps these days come in lots of shapes and sizes, from those that offer you access to digital versions of your favorite publications to those that are more like personal magazine apps: Flipboard, for example, which pulls news items and web articles from different sources in order to produce some kind of personalized magazine layout that suits your reading habits. We recently decided to got through a bunch of these different apps in order to find the best options available to current iPhone users. Of course, these picks are all subjective and entirely depend on your tastes as a reader and your reading habits. If you’re the kind of person that spends half an hour scanning the latest trending topics each morning then a certain app might suit you: something like Pocket, for example, which is great at clipping articles from the web to be shared across different devices and read at a later date. Perhaps you prefer getting the latest issues of your favorite magazine delivered directly to your iPhone? In that case, something like Zinio would be a good option. We discuss both of these and more below.

8. Texture (Free)


I’ll mention Texture at the outset of this list because I’m still just discovering the app myself and beginning to learn its full potential. It is really a reimagined look at how we consume digital magazines on our mobile devices, and has to be tried to be believed! – Download from iTunes

7. Yahoo News Digest (Free)

Yahoo News Digest isn’t one that could be considered among the traditional magazine apps but it is an excellent source of the latest news, and also is one of the best looking apps – actually, the best looking app – in this particular area of the App Store. It pulls news from a variety of different sources and represents one of the most pleasurable reading experiences of any of the current stock of news and magazine apps. – Download from iTunes

6. Timeline (Free)


While many of these apps fall into the category of news apps rather than magazine apps, I like to think that the way these apps arrange the news almost qualifies them as the latter: especially when you consider the tile like layouts of something like Flipboard. Timeline is one of the better news apps out there at present when it comes to putting the news into context within the current flow of events. Often, when using a personal magazine app like Flipboard for example, you will get the news fed into your feed but it has no context outside of the article itself and the category it is associated with. Timeline is an excellent way to uncover the true nature of many of the bigger news stories as they break, ensuring that you know more about these stories than just the basic details. – Download from iTunes

5. Longform (Free)


One of the joys of following your favorirte magazines used to be that you would be able to follow your favorite writers. Of course, Twitter these days puts you in direct connection with these writers as well as the publications they write for, which is something that Longform looks to take advantage of with their excellent iPhone app. The Longform app has a unique focus however on (you guessed it) the longer articles from specific independent blogs and also major magazines. So if you look at reading the latest articles as a task that takes a few hours rather than one that can be squeezed in beside your morning coffee, then Longform is one of the best magazines apps and certainly worth checking out for your iPhone. – Download from iTunes


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