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One thing that a few tech sites including ourselves have been forgetting, in the wake of the Apple Watch launch, is that this new wearable device is just as much a fashion item as it is a piece of technology. Smartphones and tablets, while often extensions of what we are and what we do, remain devices dedicated to different functions. The Apple Watch, and all the other wearable technology that is so popular these days, is something we put on in the morning and take off at night, therefore must also be fashionable. I mean, we choose clothes for their fashion rather than their function, right? As such, the apps themselves become part of this fashion, with many new Apple Watch users taking to the Internet to find the best backgrounds and comparing their with others. Here, having now tried more Apple Watch apps than we care to remember, we’ve decided to put together a list of what we believe to be the best looking apps currently available for the Watch. Why not share your picks with us in the comments section below?

8. CloudMagic (Free)


We here at Top 8 have always been big fans of CloudMagic as an inbox management app; allowing you to take several different email clients and gather all of your inboxes into one place, then order them as you wish depending on what content is in each email. Another thing that CloudMagic has going for it on both iOS and Android devices is its clean, beautiful interface. Now, while many developers have completely rehauled their interface and even color scheme to bring their app to the Apple Watch, those behind CloudMagic have sought the maintain the same look so that this app really does feel like an extension of the one you have become so used to using on your iPhone. – Download from iTunes

7. Yahoo Weather (Free)


I’ve no idea white why this is the case, but in general the weather apps on the iPhone and the iPad seem to be altogether more aesthetically pleasing than those of just about any other category. Perhaps this is down to their simple function, or beautiful background photos that some apps employ. The Yahoo Weather app, for example, is pretty on the iPhone because of its backgrounds, but of course these don’t really apply here. Still, upon redesigning the app to support the Apple Watch, the developers have done an excellent job coming up with an interface that both maintains the general feel of the iPhone app but is also reduced to something more simple, with neat lines and images to reflect the current state of the weather. – Download from iTunes

6. Boiled Egg Timer (Free)


With just about any mobile device that houses a range of apps, there will always be one that you come across that does a single thing but does it well. This is the case with the Boiled Egg Timer app for the Apple Watch, which has since become one of my favorites. This is also the first app that I saw a ring-shaped timer being used on, which seems to recur quite often and is an excellent use of space. I love the red-to-yellow color scheme here, with red referring to a hard boiled egg and yellow to a soft boiled egg with a runny center. – Download from iTunes

5. Twitterific (Free)


It’s a shame that Twitterific appears to be one of two (or perhaps three) Twitter clients that have been updated to support the Apple Watch, since the at a glance nature of the device really suits those who check their tweets every few minutes. Perhaps those behind similar Twitter clients have given up and are resigned to the fact that Twitterific represents competition that can’t be caught, who knows. Either way, this recent update of Twitterific to support the Apple Watch is a welcome addition or extension; in particular, I love what they’ve done with the interface, and the changes they have made to fit the same kind of powerful functionality into such a small screen size. – Download from iTunes


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