Top 8 | Best iPhone 6 Charging Docks

We’ve already been through a bunch of iPhone docks and lists featuring the best accessories on the site, but what about the best docks for your new iPhone 6? Keeping you ear to the ground on sites like Amazon can be a beneficial thing, since these prices tend to drop and rise suddenly, so we decided to go through some of the best iPhone 6 charging docks currently available on Amazon, with price that was taken at the time of writing. Of course, many of the best and most unique iPhone 6 charging docks are actually from third party developers and ares such only available from third party websites. These sites will often be the most expensive route you can take when investing in accessories for your iPhone, short of actually going to the Apple shop and investing in official products. Therefore, our list is confined to products that are only available on Amazon. Check out some of our favorite iPhone charging docks below, and then feel free to suggest your own picks in the comments section.

4. Spigen Mobile Stand ($21.99)

Spigen are responsible for a great range of varying iPhone accessories, including excellent covers and cases but also stands and docks. The iPhone 6 stand from Spigen supports a range of different devices, and is made to hold the device at a comfortable viewing angle for you. The stand includes reusable anti slip nanotac pads which keep the dock attached to flat surfaces, and is great when it comes to keeping your charging cable straight – other products can sometimes force the cable into weird angles and keep it bent which leads to your wire having to be replaced sooner rather than later.  – Buy from Amazon

3. Belkin Charge and Sync Dock ($19.99)

I often get asked by people which are the best iPhone 6 charging docks out there, and the answer is always different but typically depends on your current circumstances, budget, etc. I think perhaps the best base suggestion is this option from Belkin: the Charge and Sync dock. It’s one of the more affordable options out there on the market at present, and is particularly useful if you’re the kind that rocks their iPhone without the case. The dock is plastic but painted with an aluminium finish, so isn’t quite the stable and robust options offered by Rokform, for example, but is a neat alternative if you can’t quite afford the $100 currently demanded for some of the more robust charging stations out there for the iPhone 6. – Buy from Amazon

2. Rokform Charging Dock Station ($98.99)

Rokform offer a huge range of fantastic products for your iPhone 6, with a specific focus and emphasis on security and generally robust products. The Rokform cases are a great way to absolutely guarantee the safety of your beloved device following any spill or drop, whereas the Docking Station is one of the more solid options – if not the most solid option when it comes to charging stands for the iPhone 6. If you’ve ever been there when your iPhone has toppled over in its stand, you will know how much of a problem this can often be. The Rokform docking station is built to be robust, and there’s no chance it will ever topple over on the table. It weighs in at around 3 pounds and is crafted from aluminium, meaning that you are actually paying for something subtantial that is going to be a permanent fixture on your desk – that said, it is one of the more expensive options out there on the market at present! – Buy from Amazon

1. Twelve South HiRise ($34.99)

The award for the most stylish of all the iPhone charging docks out there at present definitely goes to the HiRise from Twelve South, which is the perfect combination of interior design aesthetics and practical usage. We love the finish to these HiRise stands in particular, since they come in black, gold and silver to match your iPhone. The stand simply docks your device from the bottom, meaning that no matter the Apple device you plug in, it will keep it smart and upright, while at the same time charging. The dock works with both an Apple lightning cable and a Micro USB cable, both of which are included in this package. There is a dial just behind the the two metal supports which allows you to fine tune how your device rests, and the cable management system obviously keeps all those annoying wires out of the way. – Buy from Amazon


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