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We’ve already been through a bunch of iPhone docks and lists featuring the best accessories on the site, but what about the best docks for your new iPhone 6? Keeping you ear to the ground on sites like Amazon can be a beneficial thing, since these prices tend to drop and rise suddenly, so we decided to go through some of the best iPhone 6 charging docks currently available on Amazon, with price that was taken at the time of writing. Of course, many of the best and most unique iPhone 6 charging docks are actually from third party developers and ares such only available from third party websites. These sites will often be the most expensive route you can take when investing in accessories for your iPhone, short of actually going to the Apple shop and investing in official products. Therefore, our list is confined to products that are only available on Amazon. Check out some of our favorite iPhone charging docks below, and then feel free to suggest your own picks in the comments section.

8. Thought Out iPhone 6 Dock ($71.22)


Let’s start with one of the more stylish options out there in terms of charging docks: the Thought Out iPhone 6 stand, which will set you back around $70 at the time of writing though is idea for iPhones with and wihout cases. It works well when placed on your desk, but could also be used in the kitchen or on your bedside table. The base is made of stainless steel which will keep your stand in place and avoid the possibility of toppling over, and the unique ball like design at the back (see more photos by following the link to Amazon) allows for endless positioning. – Buy from Amazon

7. Spinido Desktop Dock ($16.99)


The Spinido dock is another basic option that is well worth checking out if your budget is around the $15 or $20 mark. It is compatible with both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as older models such as the iPhone 5S and 5C so is perfect if you have multiple devices. The dock automatically syncs with your iTunes library and can be then connected to your laptop or PC with the built in USB cable. It is made of painted aluminium so there is a certain sturdy nature to it, yet it is also fairly portable since it isn’t all that heavy. – Buy from Amazon

6. Everdock Duo Docking Station ($69.00)

If you belong to the kind of household with multiple devices and only a few open sockets or ports, then you migth consider investing in some kind of multiple device charging station. Some of these are larger and support the multiple charging of tablets and smartphones with voltage regulation and all that stuff. One neat option however is the Everdock Duo, which basically supports the charging of two iPhones at once. The stand is made from aluminium and has a grip that keeps it firmly planted upon the surface of your choosing, which is important since two iPhones weight more than one, of course. There are spacers offered for a tight fit depending on whether your device has a case or is caseless, too. – Buy from Amazon

5. Ziku Aluminium Charging Dock ($26.99)


Another great iPhone 6 stand is this option from Ziku, which seems to be based on the design made popular by Twelve South’s HiRise. It is compatible with all iPhones and allows for hands free interaction so is ideal for use with video calling apps such as Skype. The base itself is made out of sturdy aluminium, and supports most of the more popular cases offered on the market today. Also, unlike many of the other iPhone stands, it keeps things like speakers and headphone jacks free so that you can use them at any time without any issues. – Buy from Amazon


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