Top 8 | Best iPad Photo Editors of 2016

Photo editors these days have advanced to a point where it is now easier than every before to modify the photos you take on your favorite device. What’s more, quite a few of these apps are available across a range of different platforms including the web, with lots of the same functionality. It used to be the case that you would require a desktop or laptop computer in order to edit photos in a professional manner, or even in any matter since handling large images wasn’t always a possibility. These days however, an iPad can do just about anything though, for the amateur photographer, it’s worth considering downloading a handful of different apps or suites in order to give you all the tools you need when editing your photos. What are they best photo editors out there for the iPad, then? More specifically, what are the best photo editors out there right now that have been updated to roll with the current times, offering the kind of features and functionality that the users of 2016 are looking out for?

8. SKRWT ($1.99)

Let’s start by looking at one of the tools I often turn to as an amateur photogapher when modifying photos on my iPad. SKRWT presens a fairly simple premise: that is, to correct lens distortion with a single swipe. The premise is simple and so is the execution, since it takes a matter of seconds in order to fix shots that might not have initially seemed so distorted to you. If you are snapping photos with your iPhone or iPad, then it’s likely you’ll have some distortion. SKRWT is there to fix this, and can be used alongside other photo editors in order to bring you the full package. There are also more precise settings if you want to delve deeper, including things like ratio settings, vignette correction and much more. – Download from iTunes

7. Faded ($0.99)


Faded is another excellent entry in today’s crowded market of enhanced photo editors that bring pro level tools to your smartphone or mobile device. This one gives you a variety of different tools, the main ones of which are manual controls, a variety of different overlays, and full access to your adjustment history. This is particularly useful because it means you can easily undo any mistakes you’ve made, and quickly jump back and forth between changes that have been made to your photos. There are also some great customizable sharing features which makes publishing your content a whole lot easier. – Download from iTunes

6. SKEW ($0.99)


Mentioned previously, SKWRT is a great little tool for making small and simple modifications, in that case fixing the lens distortion on your photos. SKEW is another of these apps, giving you the opportunity to edit things like lens distortion, rotation and perspective and just basically putting things right in the most painless way possible. Apps such as this are simple but I’ve found are absolutely indispensible when it comes to accessing and modifying your photos, whether you are an amateur or pro photographer. Simply open the file in SKEW, edit it without losing quality and then pass it off to another photo editing suite with more capabilities. – Download from iTunes

5. Litely (Free)

We love Litely, which is an app that I’d like to think is named after its lightweight interface and minimalistic UI. I’ve read somewhere that Litely is an app that puts photos before tools, which I think is probably a good summation. There are a lot of great settings to pick from here, but the emphasis is on the photos themselves and how these photos look. This is why the preview function of Litely is so great, since it simply fills the screen with the photo that you’re editing, and then splits the photo in half diagonally to show you what it looks like now, and what it will look like once you’ve made the proposed changes. Still, despite this emphasis on the photos rather than a wealth of settings, there are in fact 75 different filters here to choose from and a range of other great tools. – Download from iTunes


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