Top 8 | Best Free Android Text Messaging Apps

These days, with all the messaging apps out there, it almost seems as though the SMS has been forgotten. Apps like WhatsApp allow you to send SMS messages through your carrier if you or the recipient is not online within the client, which almost reduces SMS messages to your average IM. There are however a bunch of great free text messaging apps out there for Android users, for those who still communicate mainly via SMS. Many of these are third party apps that look to replace your existing SMS system on your device, and many offer the kind of functionality and features that the average Android device cannot quite match. Not everybody uses WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, after all! There are many of our readers out there that still prefer the good old SMS and want to take full advantage of the free text plans they have on their current cellular setup. Checkout some of our favorite text messaging apps below, and then tell us yours!

4. Textra SMS (Free)

Customization is a word thrown around quite often when discussing the relative merits of the Android platform, but doesn’t seem like something that you would talk about when discussing the best text messaging apps. Textra SMS is living proof of the contrary, however: it is yet another app that makes great use of the Material Design approach, meaning that it will at least visually be in line with some of the other apps you are using on your Android devices. And as we say, there are loads of different customization options, including floating notifications, quick reply popups, customizable notification types and a whole lot more. – Download from Google Play

3. Google Messenger (Free)

While Hangouts tends to violently divide people, especially those that use Skype as a verb, Google Messenger is a hard app to hate. Where Hangouts tends to overcomplicate things in certain areas, especially when it comes to sending messages, Google Messenger does the exact opposite. It provides the better communication functionality of Hangouts, only without a lot of the clutter that is typically involved, with a clean Material design UI that is a joy to navigate and involves very short loading times indeed. The Google Messenger app allows you to send texts, take photos and even record audio messages within the app, so should be considered an essential go to app for most Android users. – Download from Google Play

2. MySMS (Free)

Let’s move on to MySMS, which is one of the better options if you’re using multiple devices to manage your text messages. It is another app that takes advantage of the Material Design approach to interfaces proffered by Google, and does so very well indeed. It’s available not only on Android but also on the Mac, Windows, and within web browsers which makes it easier than ever before to manage your SMS messages, even when not on your Android device – you can text people from your Android’s phone number, too. The app supports group messaging, MMS, scheduled messages, backup andcan even connect with other servies such as Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive. – Download from Google Play

1. Chomp SMS (Free)

While Chomp SMS sounds exaclty like one of those happy go lucky third party apps that tend to breeze in and out of your life, it actually represents what is perhaps the most comprehensive free text messaging app out there at present for Android users. Part of the reason for this is because it’s been around so long, and has such had lots of time to improve and fine tune its layout, system and functionality, of course picking up a wide and faithful userbase in the process. The app features a range of features, such as emojis, passcode locks, message locks, blacklists and quick reply popups. It’s one of the most comprehensive options out there, as I say – perhaps the most comprehensive option – with a truckload of different customization options to satisfy even your most tweak-happy Android user. The app is also compatible with Pushbullet and Android Wear, as well as other services that you may be using. – Download from Google Play


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