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There are a few brands that keep cropping up time and time again when it comes to mobile accessories for the iPhone, and when this happens it’s hard to deny how important a role such brands play. As users, we tend to lean towards certain trusted brands, and many of these brands have expanded to provide solutions to just about all your needs as a user. If you need a charging dock, hand held kit or flexible case for your device, these days you can get all of these from a single brands: Belkin is one of the best that offers all these things, and is up there with the likes of Logitech when it comes to affordable, intuitive options. I recently started thinking about how diverse these brands area, and as such thought it would be fun to come up with a Top 8 products from a single brand, in this case Belkin accessories that are available for iPhone users. Check out our list below, and then feel free to recommend your own favourites in the comments section.

8. Belkin Car Vent Mount ($9.49)

Belkin Car Vent Mount

Let’s start with the basic Belkin car vent mount, which represents one of the easiest ways to mount your smartphone when driving. Personally, these days I have a Logitech car mount which is magnetic, and is therefore a lot more convenient when it comes to placing and grabbing your smartphone when driving. This car vent mount from Belkin is another excellent option though, and allows you to stick your phone right on the air vent in front of you as you drive, rotating the screen as you wish. The fact you can mount your iPhone vertically or horizontally means that you can use it in the regular way, or turn it sideways and use it as some kind of GPS tracking for navigation. There is also a cable management system, meaning that you won’t have annoying cables hanging everywhere. – Buy from Amazon

7. Belkin Grip Case ($9.99)

Belkin boasts a range of excellent cases for the iPhone 6 but I’m currently a huge fan of the Grip case, just because it offers more in the way of security when it comes to grasping your phone. We all know of the nice shiny cover that comes with your iPhone as stock, but of course this will get scratched easily and can often lead to dropping your device at the most innopportune moment. The grip case is made of a flexible material so it is moulded to your device and moves with it, and the name grip refers not only to the handle you have on your device as a result but also the way the cases grips your device, too. Unlike some cases, the ports and speakers are fully exposed with this cases, while at the same time protecting the buttons on the side. – Buy from Amazon

6. Belkin Car Charger ($8.59)

There are a bunch of simple car chargers on the market for the iPhone these days; we quite like the Amazon Basics one, since it is cheap and robust and gets the job done. Quite similar in design is this product from Belkin, which is advertised as being small but powerful. The charger comes equipped with a 4 foot chargesync micro USB cable, which should be long enough to get the job done. It’s also one of the cheapest current options available from Amazon when it comes to simple car chargers for your iPhone, at just over $8 at the time of writing. – Buy from Amazon

5. Belkin Sport Fit Plus ($21.41)

Belkin Sport-Fit Plus

Let’s take a look at the workout armband cases for the iPhone that Belkin currently has to offer, because these are among its most popular products. You may not be the kind of user that works out, nor who likes to strap their iPhone to their arm when doing so, but the armbands created by Belkin certainly make the entire process easier. There are actually a few varieties of these on offer from Belkin, including the Sport Fit Plus which is designed specifically with comfort in mind. – Buy from Amazon


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