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As we’ve learned through many different news outlets this week, the Apple Watch band industry is one lucrative market for Apple right now. Their official bands sell at between $49 and $449, and recently debuted in actual Apple stores around the country. While some companies like Casetify are looking to win over the market by offering people affordable options in an infinite number of different designs, the creative official bands produced by Apple remains the best selling among new Apple Watch owners right now. We here at Top 8 were curious to see what all the fuss is about, so recently took to Amazon in search of the best possible third party straps or bands for Apple Watch that money can buy. While we’ll admit to not having tried all of Apple’s official options just yet (mainly because we don’t have almost $500 to spend on a simple strap!) we did find some nice affordable options. Check out our list below, and feel free to suggest your Apple Watch band of choice in the comments section below!

8. Apple Official Watch Bands ($49-$449)


We here at Top 8 are humble folk, so the few Apple Watches that you might see in our offices are kitted out with the basic sport band in a range of different colors. Aside from this most popular option, Apple has quite a few other choices including the Classic Buckle, Leather Loop and of course the $449 Link Bracelet. Our favorite of these other options however has to be the Milanese Loop, which is a woven stainless steel mesh that evokes 19th century Italian fashion and is just fantastic to look at – though, I can’t imagine wearing it 24 hours a day. It is infinitely adjustable, meaning that it will fit just about any wrist, and the closure is magnetic so you don’t have to fumble about getting it on and off each time.  – Buy from Apple

7. Baseus Band ($8.08)


So, how about the third party Apple Watch bands out there? Or, the more affordable options. Baseus has a nice band that works for both 42mm and 38mm versions of the Apple Watch, and is made with genuine soft leather so is ideal for those who are into that sort of style. In fact, I’ve noticed that many of the more affordable bands for the Apple Watch are actually made from leather, so either this is a trend or they’re all being mass produced from the same design. Still, this strap from Baseus is a nice replacement for the classic or modern buckle band in terms of the official options offered by Apple, and will only set you back a fraction of the price. The band debuted on Amazon at around $20 but is already down to less than $10. – Buy from Amazon

6. Aerb Apple Watch Band ($25.99)


Aerb is another company that has produced a range of nice Apple Watch accessories, and their genuine leather band for the Apple Watch is touted as the first int the world that fits both 38mm and 42 mm versions. Despite being made of leather, the strap does come in a range of different colors and is one of the more comfortable and elegant bands that you can find on the market at present. It’s also one of the only bands we come across that features a genuine metal clasp to give your wrist that added feeling of security. – Buy from Amazon

5. T-Trees Stainless Steel Buckle ($44.00)


For those who like their watches to be heavy and with a strap crafted from strainless steel links, then this third party option from T-Trees might just be the Apple Watch strap for you. At $44.00 at the time of writing, this one is a lot more affordable than the official options that you can find both online and streetside in the Apple Store, but maitains the same high quality. Available in both 38mm and 42mm versions, the strap itself is incredible precise and made from 316L stainless steel so you know that it is durable as well as stylish! – Buy from Amazon


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