Top 8 | Authentication Apps for Apple Watch

Given how popular two factor authentication apps are these days, it’s still surprising that most of if not all the people I speak to have no idea what it even is. In this day and age where protecting your private information is an absolute must, there is a huge market for apps that are designed to do just that, yet few people are really taking advantage of these services. For those still in the dark, authentication apps work in a variety of ways: most are called two factor authentication apps because they provide a second layer of security behind which your info is then secured. This is of course a huge advantage, but there’s another side of these apps that will prove a lot more successful as a selling point. A lot of these apps will gather several different passwords and login details under a single code, so that you don’t have to remember different passwords. Many of them also work with Touch ID, meaning that you can gather these passwords together and then link all of them to your fingerprint so that you don’t even need to remember anything!

4. Duo Mobile (Free)


Duo Security is in my eyes the most exciting of these authentication apps, since it leans towards the enterprise side of things and perhaps hints at what we can expect in the future when it comes to corporate security and that kind of thing.The great thing about this app is that once you have set it up to monitor your browsing, the type of authentication can be picked from a range of different choices. You can simply receive a little tap via the taptic system on your Apple Watch and then tap the screen to confirm the login, or you can choose to send an SMS code or even receive a phone call that will relay this code to you. These latter two apply only to the iPhone, I believe, but the Watch version is obviously a lot more convenient and saves time. It’s also a great way to ensure that you will immediately be informed should someone try to login using your information.  – Download from iTunes

3. 1Password (Free)


1Password is perhaps the best known of these authentication apps at present and is an excellent way to keep track not only of all your passwords under a single code, but also any other sensitive data that you may input on a daily basis. This can amount to credit card details annd the like. The app works with iOS and also the Mac OS X to offer fully secure browsing, though the features necessary to use this on your Apple Watch must be purchased for $10 and I think it’s around $50 if you want to use this with your Mac.  – Download from iTunes

2. Authy (Free)


Authy is another excellent authentication app that has become known for its strength across multiple platforms. The service basically assigns a single code to all your favorite logins, and can then be synced to your Apple Watch so that you can access these codes quickly and easily. There are a handful of sites that now use Authy exclusively as their chosen two factor authentication, such as Coinbase, which shows the strength of this particular app. – Download from iTunes

1. OneID (Free)


OneID is similar to the likes of 1Password and LastPass, and is designed around the convenience of placing all of your passwords under a single ID that can then be used to login each time. The difference here is that you can pair OneID with your MacBook and then have it monitor each login when using a browser like Chrome and Firefox (I assume Safari is also supported by now, but perhaps one of our readers could confirm this!) and logging all the login info as and when you input it. You can then use this info and configure it via the iOS app or the web interface, applying a pin code to subsequent logins with that information, meaning that you are basically placing a second layer of authentication on top of the sites you use daily. – Download from iTunes


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