Top 8 | Authentication Apps for Apple Watch

Given how popular two factor authentication apps are these days, it’s still surprising that most of if not all the people I speak to have no idea what it even is. In this day and age where protecting your private information is an absolute must, there is a huge market for apps that are designed to do just that, yet few people are really taking advantage of these services. For those still in the dark, authentication apps work in a variety of ways: most are called two factor authentication apps because they provide a second layer of security behind which your info is then secured. This is of course a huge advantage, but there’s another side of these apps that will prove a lot more successful as a selling point. A lot of these apps will gather several different passwords and login details under a single code, so that you don’t have to remember different passwords. Many of them also work with Touch ID, meaning that you can gather these passwords together and then link all of them to your fingerprint so that you don’t even need to remember anything!

8. SAASPASS (Free)


SAASPASS works with a range of different services to provide secure two factor authentication across a range of devices. Whether you are using Office 365, any of the Google apps or Dropbox, simply set up the autentication system on your iPhone and Mac and protect your home and your workplace, now receiving and approving logins on your Apple Watch, too. – Download from iTunes

7. SecSign (Free)

We haven’t used the SecSign app much, but what we have seen so far has been very impressive. This app is set up to appeal to both regular users and those in the corporate sphere, with its most basic authentication taking the form of a 2048-bit private key behind which all your passwords can be stored. This is of course a massive convenience, since it means that you don’t need to remember your passwords and can merely enter them once and then forget about them. The Apple Watch integration means that approval for each login now pops up on your Watch, allowing you to verify your ID or dismiss the login request. This can be a massive time saver, and is a great way to ensure that you are the first to know should anyone else try to login using your details or using your device. There are a lot of other more complicated features that this serive provides, such as access to a SecSign portal for encrypted file sharing and messaging, but we haven’t looked into that just yet. – Download from iTunes

6. Knock ($4.99)

One thing that has seemingly turned away a section of the audience is the complications involved with setting them up. Perhaps even the term authentication worries people! The most simple of all these authentication apps is Knock, which concentrates solely on accessing your MacBook. When you jiggle the mouse or tap a key to wake up your screen, with Kock you get a notification on your Apple Watch, too, once the devices have been paired. You can then simply tap the face of your watch in order to unlock your MacBook. I’ve heard a few people refer to this as nothing more than a gimmick, but I myself have taken to using it every day. Here’s hoping they update the app to support the unlocking of multiple Apple computers, too!  – Download from iTunes

5. Lockdown ($3.99)


Lockdown is described as a “better two factor authentication experience”, and that may indeed prove to be the case. Though a lot of this is down to what you use it for, and whether you are willing to put the time in to set it all up first. The app works with just about any online service that is compatible with the 1Password 2FA or Google Authenticator, and is preferable to other two favctor authentication apps for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can sort and find the different accounts you save which of course saves a lot o time You can also sync your account information to iCloud to multiple devices, which means that once you have made a single change it should be affected across all of the devices you use. – Download from iTunes


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