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For those who have ever worked out using fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, taking your iPhone with you is a must. It’s just, when you are running out and about, even the lightweight iPhone 6 can be annoyance when being kept in your pocket – especially the larger iPhone 6 Plus. So what is the solution? Well, I think that the best thing you can do as someone who regularly goes out to run, or who takes to the gym ever other day to workout, is to invest in one of the many armbands or armband cases out there for the iPhone. And with the larger model and increase in popularity of phablets, there are now many armbands out there that have been altered to support this increased device size. We recently took some of the better options out there for a spin, and came up with a Top 8 armband cases for the iPhone. Check out our picks below, and then feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments section at the end of the article.

8. Rokform Armband ($24.95)

Rokform Armband

Like many of the cases on this list, the developers behind this Rokform series understood that users wouldn’t want to remove their regular iPhone case each time they wanted to use their armband for working out. Instead of going the route of some and creating a dual protective case and armband, where you simply attach a strap to make it portable, RokForm have instead gone the more profitable route and created two different cases that fit inside one another. Yes, this armband case is built to fit any iPhone 6 that is wearing another RokForm case. A nice armband overall, but will most users be willing to invest in two cases instead of just the one? Especially if they already have one! – Buy from Amazon

7. Incase Sports Armband ($39.95)

Incase Sports Armband

When it comes to protective cases for your iPhone, there are plenty of options to choose from these days. In fact, most users will already have a case for their iPhone or at least some kind of protective screen cover. So, when investing in an armband case, it could get pretty annoying if you have to switch from your regular case to this one when working out – every time! Luckily, many accessory developers have sought to find a way around this, and this is certainly the case with the Incase Sports Armband. What you’re looking at with this product is essentually a few different cases in one, since you can use the regular protective covering for your iPhone, even without the strap that is provided for workout sessions. The difference between this one and others is that the case doesn’t cover your screen, meaning that you will always be able to access your iPhone – just be careful with sweat and of course water! – Buy from Amazon

6. Tunebelt Armband ($17.95)

Tune Belt Armband

The Tunebelt is a particular favorite, and mainly because it boasts what is one of the thinner and less bulky bands that we’ve come across when doing research for this list. Most of the armbands seem to have a strap that is generally the same size as the holder, whereas this one has more of a belt (hence the name?) that actually makes it a lot more comfortable. There is also a Velcro flap included that is there for you to coil your headphone wires around should they be too long, which is a nice touch.  –  Buy from Amazon

5. Minisuit SPORTY Armband ($8.95)

Minisuit SPORTY Armband

As you might expect from an iPhone 6 case that has been released since the debut of Apple’s record breaking product, the Minisuit SPORTY Armband is built with the exact dimensions of the smartphone in mind and fits it right down to the last milimeter. While other armband cases might sacrifice this kind of snug and reliable fit for something that will support different device in a range of sizes, that’s not the case with this particular product. While the armband is not quite as polished as you will see with the Belkin or Adidas armbands on this list, it’s a nice simple alternative. – Buy from Amazon


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