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We all know how stressful flying can be: first you have to find a flight that fits within your price range, then you have to go through the arduous process of packing and organizing your things, and that’s before the process of traveling to and flying from the airport has even started! Fortunately, there are a load of apps out there designed around the flying process; whether these are built to help you find a cheap flight, to organize your documents for travelling, or keeping track of flights from the comfort of your smartphone. And as has become fashionable these days, just about every airline has their own official app that you can log in on and get up to the moment flight info, or find last minute flights with ease. It is somewhat difficult to rate and rank all of these airline apps, since many of them offer exactly the same thing, but we’ve attempted to do just that right here with this article. We’ve also thrown in a few other useful airline related apps that might come in handy when you are travelling across the globe this summer. It’s of course difficult to review these apps without using them for a while, so we encourage feedback from you: let us know your favorite US airline; is their app worth downloading?

4. JetBlue (Free)


The JetBlue is another very useful airline app if you are a frequent or exclusive flier with this particular airline. You can easily book flights using points, then receive the latest flight status notifications direct to the app so that you will know right away if your flight has been delayed.  like the timetable function here, since it really gives you a fuller picture when it comes to which JetBlue flights are taking off and when. Unfortunately, while there is detailed info on many airports, some are not included which is something of a pain. And as is usually the case with these official airline apps, there are a few superfluous inclusions tuch as the ability to make a postcard from a photo on your iPhone. Not very useful when it comes to booking and checking flights, but a nice touch nonetheless.- Download from iTunes

3. Southwest Airlines (Free)


The Southwst Airlines app is quite simple when it comes to design and interface, which is often a nice thing since you don’t want the added clutter – though can be on the slow side when it comes to pulling up data. It’s a convenient app if you are used to flying with Southwest, offering your the chance to book flights through the app with your points, get flight info and a lot more. There are travel alerts that look to communicate info on things like severe weather conditions, which of course can be very useful when traveling. Then there is a built in car hire service that comes with the app, which is something I’ve not seen in any other airline app and can of course be very useful. The only downside I can see here is the lack of airport maps, which is often one of the first things I look for in one of these airline apps when alighting at a new airport that I don’t know very well. – Download from iTunes

2. Alaskan Airlines (Free)


The Alaskan Airlines app is one of the better looking airlin apps out there, with a clean design that is very easy to navigate. You can book a flight through the app or see the value of it with miles, and then check in using the app so as to save time. It then gives you notifications on flight info, when you have to check in or be at the gate, and there is also a lot of other info when it comes to baggage rules and that kind of thing.- Download from iTunes

1. Fly Delta (Free)

The Fly Delta app is perhaps the best airline app I’ve come across so far, and is rich in detail and features. With the app, you get full info on all Delta airports, the ability to book and alter bookings throuh the app, and you can even track your bags by punching in the tag number. If you’re the kind of traveler that likes to leave their car at the airport, this app also provices parking reminders! – Download from iTunes


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