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We all know how stressful flying can be: first you have to find a flight that fits within your price range, then you have to go through the arduous process of packing and organizing your things, and that’s before the process of traveling to and flying from the airport has even started! Fortunately, there are a load of apps out there designed around the flying process; whether these are built to help you find a cheap flight, to organize your documents for travelling, or keeping track of flights from the comfort of your smartphone. And as has become fashionable these days, just about every airline has their own official app that you can log in on and get up to the moment flight info, or find last minute flights with ease. It is somewhat difficult to rate and rank all of these airline apps, since many of them offer exactly the same thing, but we’ve attempted to do just that right here with this article. We’ve also thrown in a few other useful airline related apps that might come in handy when you are travelling across the globe this summer. It’s of course difficult to review these apps without using them for a while, so we encourage feedback from you: let us know your favorite US airline; is their app worth downloading?

8. The Flying App (Free)


The Flying app is a great way to track current flights in real time, as well as revisit past flights and share your flying experience across social media. If the official airline apps are designed with the customer experience in mind, then the Flying app represents more of a general approach: if gives you access to not only the flights of a specific airlines mut all airlines, then allows you to compare these and gives you a real sense of fostering a profile when it comes to flying. It gives you a total KM flown figure as seen in the image above, and allows you to stack up the flights you have flown on and even write notes on them so that you can easily refer to your experiences in the future.  – Download from iTunes

7. Boarding Pass ($4.99)


Boarding Pass is another of those general airline apps or flying apps that looks to de-complicate the whole process. Is that a word? Well, it should be. One glance at the iTunes page for this particular app shows you what it’s all about: basically, it is designed for those users who might be traveling on numerous flights but don’t want to have to download and install the app of several different airlines, then search through each one trying to remember where a specific flight itinerary has been saved. This app allows you to keep that all in one place, with flight info available at the tap of a finger and quick access to check in abilities with over 100 airlines from around the world. – Download from iTunes

6. Skyscanner (Free)


Without descending to mention the whole host of cheap flight comparison apps out there these days, I thought I’d give a passing nod to Skyscanner, which according to me is the best of these currently available and is excellent when it comes to finding a last minute deal to suit you. The Skyscanner app allows you to compare millions of flights in a matter of seconds, no matter the airline involved; just punch in your criteria and let the app go to work. You can also earn frequent flier miles by booking with the Skyscanner Flights app where applicable, which is of course an added bonus. – Download from iTunes

5. United Airlines (Free)


So, let’s take a look at some of the official airline apps out there that are designed as almost a companion app for their fliers, offering the latest flight info and allowing immediate check in at the tap of a smartphone screen. Unired Airlines is certainly one of the bigger airlines in the US, and as expected also shows up with one of the more comprehensive apps. There’s a lot of great stuff here, including a built in currency converter for when you want to change your money, and UBER integration to make finding a ride easier. – Download from iTunes


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