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We all long for escape these days, don’t we? For many of us, this is why we play video games in the first place? To lose ourselves in the same way we do to a good movie or (less among the youth, these days) a good book! Adventure games are then something of a starting point for so many video games out there, in that they are specifically designed around this idea of escaping to some far off land. I guess that the most successful adventure games on consoles have always been fairly vast and complicated affairs. I mean, whoever heard of a short adventure? Shouldn’t that be considered a trip rather than an adventure? Unfortunately, the iPhone kinds of limits developers to stick to one small idea and do it well, but that’s not to say that this means there are few iOS adventure games out there. Quite the contrary, in fact! Here are some of our favorite adventure games for the iPhone – why not have a read of the list and let us know your favorites below?

8. Gemini Rue ($4.99)


Gemini Rue would be an excellent place to start, I reckon, since what is more escapist than science fiction? The game draws fondly on popular sci fi themes and elements from films such as Blade Runner to create a dystopian future that unfolds before your eyes. This is very much a game that tells a story rather than something you merely play – there is a lot of emphasis on narrative, and each click is almost like a turning of the page that reveals even more of the bleak story. They are multiple stories, I should say: one about an ex assassin and one about a rehab patient – but are they really so unrelated, the two stories? – Download from iTunes

7. The Secret of Monkey Island ($2.99)

Monkey Island

As adventure games go, it doesn’t get much better than the swashbuckling action found in The Secret of Monkey Island. Given the nature of the mobile platform, it was only a matter of time before the point and click adventure game once again found the limelight – and this game was certainly one of the best examples out there ever to grace that particular genre. The game has been lovingly recreated for the iPhone, and I’ve noticed seems to put an emphasis on the nostalgic qualities of the game – clearly, it is trying to appeal to those who played it in the past and want to go through it again. And, as someone who did play it way back, I can confirm that it still holds up very well today! The humor especially is still very much in tact! – Download from iTunes

6. Machinarium ($1.99)

We’re huge fans of indie label Amanita Design here in the Top 8 offices. Their point and click adventures starting with Samarost and progressing through Machinarium up to the recent Botanicla are a huge amount of fun to go through, and really do draw inspiration from the classic point and click titles that we loved becoming engrossed in back in the day. Machinarium is probably the best and most layered of these, both in terms of story and its nostalgic qualities – although Botanicula is more comprehensive, and looks better! With Machinarium, you play a small robot who is on a quest to free himself from some oppressive robot town and get the girl in the process. It’s a point and click game, meaning that there are puzzles to solve at each turn. The kind that may cause you to stumble, but the solutions are often staring you in the face all along! – Download from iTunes

5. Alto’s Adventure ($1.99)


Okay, so I guess that the only thing that really qualifies Alto’s Adventure as a proper adventure games is the name itself. This is more something that could be equated to the endless runner genre of games. A side-scrolling skiing game where you must navigate varying terrain, jumping over hazards and grinding on wires strung between poles. But the standaout thing about Alto’s Adventure is certainly the visuals, which are minimalist but at the same time stunningly inventive. There is an emphsis on symmetry and basic shapes, and the colors themselves rarely stray outside of one specific shade of beautiful green. Certainly one of the most wonderful looking games of recent memory on the iPhone, but a huge amount of fun to play as well. – Download from iTunes


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