Top 8 | Adventure Games for Apple Watch

One of the more overlooked headlines back when the Apple Watch first launch was how some developers had outdone themselves so as to bring game genres that you wouldn’t usually expect to see on a wearable device to the Apple Watch. The two games that most of these articles used as examples were Runeblade and Watch Quest, praising each for their RPG qualities and the technical marvel that was getting such a complicated game into such a small screen. While there aren’t really many in the way of competing adventure games for the Watch, there are a few worth pointing out as games to look out for. Few of these display the same RPG qualities mentioned above, but do well to pass the time when playing about with your new wearable device. Understandably, when placed alongside their console counterparts these games do lack a certain amount of depth, but there is a lot to play with and the idea of carrying around some kind of narrative-based adventure game or RPG is exciting, isn’t it?

8. Walkr (Free)

Walkr is yet another sci fi themed game that, like Wokamon below, has fitness elements that encourages your exercise in order to earn stuff in the game. Your stats can be checked via the iPhone app, and you then receive updates on your Apple Watch. It’s a galaxy adventure game and a lot of fun, but one whose primary concern is to encourage users to be more active in their day to day lives. – Download from iTunes

7. Wokamon (Free)


Wokamon is another one that can’t strictly be considered an adventure game in that it is more of a pet raising game in the body of a fitness game. You exercise and track your activity and fitness stats, but at the same time this is what makes your pet grow. You organize things from the app on your iPhone and then check on your cute little companion on your Apple Watch – the more you walk, the more it grows. In a sense then, this is an adventure game as it has the element of progression but also helps you go get out there and get active. – Download from iTunes

6. Cupcake Dungeon (Free)

Cupcake Dungeon isn’t your average adventure game, but is more of a fast paced button basher where you must defeat enemies to progress. You tap away to slap the sugary enemies that appear and then collect the loot and treasure. The whole idea of of progress is what turns this from an average casual game with in-app purchases into something more time consuming, since you can use the treasure you find to upgrade your weapons and make it easier for you in the long run. The Apple Watch version of the game is basically a condensed version of the one on the iPhone, and you can continue the same game on both so it doesn’t matter which device you’re using, you can still progress as the game gets more and more addictive.  Download from iTunes

5. Lifeline 2 ($2.99)


As with Spy_Watch which we’ll get to shortly, the Lifeline games are text based adventures and as such act as real throwbacks to the days when the technology limited us to the text over the visual – or even back before video games where we used our own imagination to embellish the printed word. The original Lifeline game (also for the Apple Watch) represents one of the best games you can currently purchase on Apple’s new wearable platform, but the sequel is also worth checking out. This second story provides much of the same, but it is a follow up so it’s perhaps best to play the original before looking into this one.  – Download from iTunes


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