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Fitness trackers and activity trackers are two terms that tend to get interchanged as synonyms when reading tech blogs and sites these days, but there is obviously a clear difference between the two. While fitness trackers are designed for you to wear when working out, whether at the gym or running in the street, activity trackers are really designed for you to wear on a daily basis and track everything you do – not just the running and the swimming. With this list, we’ve tried to compile what we believe to be the best daily activity trackers out there for owners of Android devices: those that are subtle enough that you don’t really notice you are wearing them, but are great at capturing data and give you an excellent picture of how active you might have been throughout a given day – even if that day only involved rushing around between meetings at work and then rushing around after the kids, with no workout sessions in sight. Check out our picks below and then feel free to suggest your own favorite activity trackers in the comments section!

8. Xiaomi Mi Band ($24.80)


So, most of our lists of fitness accessories and trackers so far have been populated by devices from Fitbit and Withings and all the major players. It’s refreshing then to come across one that may have been overlooked by others, and that seems to be the case with the Xiaomi Mi Band. This is really the perfect band for those that aren’t willing to spend much but want something simple, colorful and durable to slip on when out and about. The Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the best selling activity trackers you will find in China, and at just $25 here in the US it’s a good bet to become a big seller here, as well. – Buy from Amazon

7. Microsoft Band ($179.99)


Another product that I don’t believe we’ve mentioned on one of these lists yet is the Microsoft Band, which appears to Microsoft’s answer to the wearable tech popularity contest. Time will tell whether they also come up with a proper smartwatch, but for now this is an excellent little activity tracker though among the more pricey otions. It’s similar to the Samsung Ger Fit and the Sony SmartBand Talk in that it is designed to help you commit to a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis, rather than being a simple fitness tracker that you wear when working out. The great thing about this device, other than the fact that it is one of the more comfortable we tried out, is that it represents an excellent foundation for something more – meaning that Microsoft can essentially add new features and build on what they have to bring the band even more functionality. – Buy from Amazon

6. Jawbone UP Move ($39.40)


Another excellent affordable option when it comes to activity trackers is the Jawbone UP Move, which seems to drop in price every time I check Amazon and is (at the time of writing) down to below $40. While the Jawbone UP Move is particularly adept when it comes to sports, and has a huge array of different activities that you can choose from including Yoga and Zumba, we found that it is also one of the more durable and wearable activity trackers ouut there, too. There are others that might provide more insightful data, but when it comes to tracking the steps you make and calories you burn throughout the day, this one does the job well.  – Buy from Amazon

5. Fitbit One ($95.63)

Fitbit One

The Fitbit One is still our favorite small activity tracker and is perfect for those who prefer clip ons to straps. It is rather limited in terms of functionality, but will track your steps, distance travelled, calories burned and stairs climbed as well as monitoring your sleeping patterns. One of my favorite features of the Fitbit One though is its silent alarm, which is great if you’re the kind that gets up early to exercise and doens’t want to wake anyone else! – Buy from Amazon


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