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Word games and number games – puzzle games in general, are perhaps the most played on mobile devices these days, and are an attractive prospect for both casual gamers and regular ones alike. While the casual Match 3 games like Candy Crush Saga are always going to clean up in the sales department, word games and number games offer something slightly different in that they actually invite you to use your brain rather than switching it off. Word games in particular can come in a number of different shapes and sizes, with Scrabble-based ones in particular finding a lot of success. Over the last few years, we’ve seen many developers get more creative in order to break through in what is essentially a crowded app market, and come up with more innovative games in order to blend different ideas and create something original. This is certainly the case with games like Spelltower, which combines words with stacking in order to give players something they won’t have played before. We take a look at some of the best word games available for the iPad.

8. New Words With Friends (Free)


New Words With friends is the latest from massive developers Zynga, and to be honest this game has become something of a pin up where word games for the iPad and iPhone are concerned. It was the first game that really brought Scrabble to the masses, and this is perhaps why it found such success. EA has since contributed their own official version of the beloved board game which has a lot more features and is superior in many ways, but WWF (that’s Words With Friends and nothing to do with wrestling or wildlife) still has a massive and dedicated user base, and it’s easy to see why.  – Download from iTunes

7. The New York Times Crossword (Free)


I’m a huge fan of crossword puzzles mystelf, and I think it’s something of a small crime that no developer has really latched on to their possibility yet and created something more original using the same concept. Crossword puzzles are still posted with newspapers each day, which makes the previous statement something of a surprise, but perhaps developers believe the concept of crosswords to be too high brow for most mobile gamers. Fortunately, The New York Times has developed and released their very own crossword puzzle game which is basic, but gets the job done. – Download from iTunes

6. Puzzlejuice ($1.99)

As far as unique and original word games to make this list, I think Puzzlejuice stands heads and shoulders above the rest. That said, it does draw on a number of existing games from Tetris and Boggle for inspiration. The result is certainly one of the more challenging word games on the market for iPad users, but also one of the more addicting. – Download from iTunes

5. Bonza Word Puzzle ($0.99)


Bonza offers a slightly more simple concept, but one that is no less engaging to players. You are basically given a topic and then must use a set of tiles in order to make words. It’s also one of the best looking of the word games currently available on the iOS platform, though the incessant encouraging to spend money or in-game coins on hints can get annoying. There are new packs of puzzles available daily though, for those that play the game regularly, so you’ll never get bored doing the same ones over and over again! – Download from iTunes


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