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As a lover of real time strategy games since the days of Diablo and the first Age of Empire games, it’s been interesting to see how the genre has evolved with the changing platforms and of course the upswing in popularity of casual gaming on mobile devices. Strategy games such as these early desktop classics were always heavy on the detail and the experience, enticing players to sit down and plot out hours and hours of harvesting, building, repairing defending and attacking. If you ever booted up the likes of Age of Empires or Command & Conquer back then, you realized almost immediately that you were in it for the long haul: that patience was a virtue, and being patient made those final rewards all the more satisfying to reap. Of course, this kind of approach seems to go directly against the casual gaming ideas of immediacy and on-the-go, reactionary play. Games have evolved with this in mind, however, and many of the strategy games you find on platforms like the iPad are even more exciting as a result. We decided to look at some favorite strategy games on the iPad, including a few classics.

8. Worms 3 ($4.99)

Worms is one of those strategy games that never really gets old: I’ve been a fan of it since those early versions hit consoles many years back, and really think that it represents what is perhaps the perfect setup when it comes to a turn by turn action strategy game to be enjoyed by multiple players. Just do your business, pass the control and then cringe as your friend proceeds to tear your team apart! Younger generations who haven’t yet experienced the chaos that is a multiplayer worms game on a big screen among friends, what are you waiting for? – Download from iTunes

7. Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free)

Most casual gamers will have come cross perennial favorie Plants vs. Zombies by now, and the sequel offers much of the same frantic action – though, set against a few more interesting backdrops, such as pirates, the wild west and ancient Egypt. Each of these areas of course provides different challenges, but much of the gameplay remains the same and it’s easy enough to pick up and play if you have any experience with the original. Plants vs. Zombies is one of those weird titles that is packaged as a casual game but actually involves a huge amount of depth and strategy. And as we have come to expect from EA, content is added regularly to keep things interesting! – Download from iTunes

6. Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD ($4.99)

As mentioned briefly above, I’ve been fascinated to see the evolution of the old real time strategy game into something more accessible, straightforward and well, fun. Casual gaming and the limitations of mobile devices mean that creating a RTS game in the old sense is pretty much impossible, but those that enjoyed those games back in the 90s seem to be those behind the likes of Clash of Clans and such today. Perhaps my favorite of these colorful strategy games for the iPad is Kingdom Rush Frontiers, which builds on what is already a very popular and successful tower defense game, adding in new heroes to pick from – each of which has their own special ability that can be upgraded as you work through the game. There are also new towers, enemies, bosses and gameplay elements to be discovered with this sequel. I’ve heard some complain that it can be devilishly difficult, but I for one like the challenge and appreciate this light hearted approach to what has become a saturated market.  – Download from iTunes

5. Plague Inc. ($0.99)

Plague Inc.  is another of those strategy games that I find difficult to describe to people who have no experience of it. Most strategy games are based around the idea of conquering territories, or at least protecting given areas, whereas Plague Inc. turns this upside down by inviting you to destroy the world in an apocalyptic fashion. You can oversee a nascent pandemic, slowly adding different and cruel ways to wipe out the population and being heftily rewarded in the process. It makes a nice change from the usual strategy games that we have become used to, though there isn’t a huge amount of replayability or longevity here once you’ve tried out all the scenarios and experienced all the different diseases and disasters that are there for your pleasure. – Download from iTunes


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