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If you consider the likes of the hugely successful FIFA and Madden franchises developed and published by EA, I think it’s fair to say that sports games are among the most bought genres on consoles. I’ve never found that to be quite the case when it comes to mobile gaming, however: while the mobile platform has become something of a haven for great racing games, with titles like Real Racing 3 and Asphalt 8: Airborne taking things to a whole new level, it’s never been quite the same for sports games in general. The market has always been there and will continue to be there, but perhaps it’s the limits of the devices that is holding the genre back. A soccer or football game, for example, needs a screen to show an entire pitch and then process all of the players running around on said pitch. It’s not exactly a genre suited to the handheld device, but as I say, the racing genre has done pretty good for itself. With this in mind, we took to the iPad with its much larger screen to find the best sports games available from the App Store.

8. Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99)

There are actually a range of cool fishing games out there these days, with Ace Fishing: Wild Catch being one that gets mentioned often. As such, I felt the need to mention at least one fishing game on this list, but personally I prefer the cuter fishing games to the ones that are more about simulation. Ridiculous Fishing, as the title suggests, is a real hoot and a lot of fun to play with friends – even if it isn’t exactly your traditional sports game. – Download from iTunes

7. New Star Soccer (Free)


So, I grew up with soccer games and remember moving from FIFA to International Superstar Soccer and then Pro Evolotion Soccer, before returning to FIFA again. These games have evolved to an entirely new level, and while there are some fantastic looking football games around for iOS devices, I have to be honest and state that I still prefer something like this! New Star Soccer, with its classic top down perspective and basic player sprites, is a strong reminder of the likes of Sensible Soccer and World Cup Striker from back in the day: fast-paced soccer games that cared not for life like faces and realistic ball physics! – Download from iTunes

6. NFL Kicker 15 ($0.99)

NFL Kicker15

I love the idea behind this game! Madden is a hugely popular franchise but the game itself has evolved into something of a behemoth that can’t easily be ported to mobile devices – though, EA have certainly tried! No, I love this idea of reducing the player’s involvement in the game to one player only on the field – and what’s more, a player that no one really wants to play as. The kicker, who has all the pressure on his shoulders but is often overlooked when talk of MVPs starts up! – Download from iTunes

5. Real Boxing (Free)

Real Boxing has garnered its fair share of critics over the years, but I’ve always admired how the game combines amazing visuals with such a simple interface and control system. Again, I remember it coming in for criticism when the game was first released, but have we seen a better boxing game on mobile devices since then? I think not! – Download from iTunes


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