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I’ve always been a huge fan of the simulation game, ever since the first flight and trains simulators on early computers and of course the excellent wok of Maxis in this particular field. The early Maxis games (before being bought by EA, of course) were some of the best simulation games I’ve played, including both SimFarm and SimTower and of course SimCity, and most of these still hold up well today. The basic ideas behind such games were simple, but there was typically world building side to things that would keep people interested and ensure that each time you played the game, it would be slightly different. This is I think the one aspect that kept me coming back to sim games over the years: the sheer variety of it all. This is perhaps best seen in the game that Maxis would go onto make, The Sims, which would become one of the best selling PC games of all time and took escapism to a whole new level. The Sims is actually available on Android devices, but what are some other simulation games worth checking out?

4. The Sims FreePlay (Free)

The Sims is a game that has and will continue to be popular, no matter what EA do with the brand. Up until the release of The Sims FreePlay, we hadn’t really seen a version of this game on mobile devices that did even the original PC version justice, but at least here you get that classic Sims experience and get it on your mobile device! For those asking about graphics, we’re happy to report that the visuals here aren’t at all reduced from what you’re used to seeing on your PC, though there are some simplifications that regular Sims users will notice. The social side of things is interesting in that it allows you to visit other towns that people build, though it’s up to the kind of gamer you are whether this will be a good or bad thing. The best thing about this mobile reincarnation of The Sims however is that it keeps the original gameplay largely intact, there’s a lot of content and of course it’s free to download and play. – Download from Google Play

3. Goat Simulator ($4.99)

Goat Simulator is another of those “just play it” kind of games, since there’s no real way to advertise it other than to suggest that yes, it is exactly what you think it is. While this game was perhaps created with a tongue in cheek approach, the game itself is very solid and has gone on to carve out a cult following of its own. If you haven’t heard of Goat Simulator yet, I don’t know how to help you! – Download from Google Play

2. Transport Tycoon ($6.99)

Transport Tycoon is another of those strategic sim games that has been updated for mobile devices, decades after it was first experienced by the public on PC. This one is less a reimagining and more of a direct port, which is great though the price might put some potential players off. – Download from Google Play

1. SimCity BuildIt (Free)

SimCity BuildIt is the second of the Maxis/EA games to make the list, and represents an excellet move by them in attempting to capture the nostaliga that surrounds such games in the heads of many  casual gamer. The mechanics here are fairly simple, though the graphics have been upgraded and look great on your Android tablet in particular. There is also a social side to the game which didn’t really exist with the old SimCity games and can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask. It’s clear to see that certain elements of this have been dumbed down slightly in order to appeal to a specific audience (especially when playing the latest SimCity game on your PC) but it’s enjoyable enough and brings a wave of nostalgia for those who played the original games way back in the day. – Download from Google Play


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