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I’ve always been a huge fan of the simulation game, ever since the first flight and trains simulators on early computers and of course the excellent wok of Maxis in this particular field. The early Maxis games (before being bought by EA, of course) were some of the best simulation games I’ve played, including both SimFarm and SimTower and of course SimCity, and most of these still hold up well today. The basic ideas behind such games were simple, but there was typically world building side to things that would keep people interested and ensure that each time you played the game, it would be slightly different. This is I think the one aspect that kept me coming back to sim games over the years: the sheer variety of it all. This is perhaps best seen in the game that Maxis would go onto make, The Sims, which would become one of the best selling PC games of all time and took escapism to a whole new level. The Sims is actually available on Android devices, but what are some other simulation games worth checking out?

8. FarmVille 2: Country Escape (Free)

I guess if you were going to pick one of the casual mobile games that have found popularity in the last few years and compare it to something like SimCity, then FarmVille would be that game. The second edition of FarmVille is certainly polarizing audiences out there, but we happen to like it. Perhaps the best thing about the FarmVille games these days is their cross-platform capabilities, and by that I mean the fact that you can integrate your Android version with the web version, or example. Zynga has clearly listened to some of the problems people had with the initial game and looked to iron some of those out here: it’s bright and fast paced and enjoyable enough for the average casual gamer, but those looking for something with more depth or substance may get bored after a while. – Download from Google Play

7. True Skate ($0.99)

We’ve been blessed to have some excellent and true to life skateboarding games over the years, from the early Tony Hawk’s games to the later Skate 2 and 3. True Skat looks to further the simulation qualities of these earlier games by providing a thrilling skateboarding experience for mobile users. This is one of those sim games that I will often suggest to friends, typically with words such as “just try it, you’ll see.” The best thing about it is by far the touch based controls and physics, which make it unlike any other skating game I’ve played. – Download from Google Play

6. Paradise Island (Free)

Another casual game that falls under the sim category and might be worth checking out if you’re looking to pass a few minutes is Paradise Island, which is a lot like a tropical or exotic version of SimCity. You build yourself a small town on a paradise island (hence the name) and then pick your businesses, residences and all that kind of stuff. There is a social side to the app that could be compared to what you’ve seen in FarmVille, allowing you to play with others by having them visit and dealing with gift invites which can be annoying if you want to play on your own. It’s fairly straightforward and there is a lot of content here, but those looking for something with more depth might not stick around too long – even if this is free to play.  – Download from Google Play

5. Infinite Flight Simulator ($4.99)

There are a surprising amount of flight sim games on Android, but not all of these are currently up to the standard we’ve seen among those released on the PC in recent years. Of course, the average Android device doesn’t really compare in terms of hardware, but you can still do a lot with what you’re given and Infinite Flight Simulator on Android is a testament to this. The game represents what are some of the best graphics we’ve seen on this particular platform, and the controls are not at all dumbed down in order to appeal to a specific audience of casual gamers. There are a lot of options here, including around 35 planes to choose from overall – you can even pick where you are flying to and even the time of day. – Download from Google Play


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