Top 8 | Retro Games for Apple Watch

You might say that the mobile format is perfect for games of the past, given the smaller screen and hardware restraints. If that is indeed the case, then surely the wearable platform is even more suited to it, right? What has been fascinating in the wake of the Apple Watch releases is the kind of games we’ve seen descend upon it, and which developers are dedicating their time to developing new products for it – or, remaking old ones. We’ve seen RPG games arrive in Watch Quest and Runeblade, which is in itself a surprise given the general scope of those games and the fact that they’re way more suited to consoles or proper handheld devices. We’ve also seen a few “Where are all the Apple Watch games?” articles in recent months, which is a query I’d expect to see answered in the next year or so now that the Apple Watch OS 2 is here and it supports the developing of native apps. For the time being, we take a look at some of the classic or retro games that one can currently find on the App Store that work with the Apple Watch – including one or two you may have overlooked!

4. Lateres ($0.99)

is a classic arcade game that has come to us in a range of different guises over the years, and of course now someone has also developed a version of it for the Apple Watch. Lateres is a fun retro take on this game, allowing you to move the paddle around using the Digital Crown on your watch which does make the whole thing a lot more compelling. There are around 20 levels in all so the game will keep you occupied. Note however that it is a new game, therefore will require the latest Watch OS 2 update since the game itself is native to the Apple Watch, I believe. – Download from iTunes

3. Pöng ($0.99)


One mock up I’ve seen more than any on graphic design site since the announcement of the Apple Watch is the pong screen – as though, this were some way funny or witty. Personally, I think Pong would be a cool game to bring to the watch and obviously, a few others think so too because there is already a Pong game that you can download from the App Store. Here, you download the game to your iPhone and it will explain the controls to you, which are slightly more complicated than you might think. Rather than alter the digital crown to move the paddle, with this game you actually tilt your watch in order to move it which makes the whole game experience and the mechanics of the game a lot more interesting than they might be otherwise. – Download from iTunes

2. Invaders Mini ($0.99)


The circle of classic arcade games to make the Apple Wach screen wouldn’t quite be complet without the developing of a Space Invaders game. This is where Virtual GS and their Invaders Mini game comes in, which is actually a slick little reincarnation of this classic arcade shooter than manages to capture much of the same frenetic pace and addictive gameplay. You simply tap the screen to make the ship move and fire, which turns this into something of a button basher but it’s still a lot of fun.   – Download from iTunes

1. Tamagotchi Classic ($0.99)


As mentioned previously, there is a Tamagotchi game for the Apple Watch and, completely unsurprisingly, it’s totally addictive. Again, the Apple Watch screen is pretty much the perfect size with which to raise a virtual pet and the fact you have the watch on you at all times makes taking care of it that whole lot easier. Remember when you lost your Tamagotchi and could hear its hungry beeping but couldn’t find the device? Well, that shouldn’t happen with the Apple Watch. Fair play to Bandai Namco who have identified this great opportunity in the market and set about developing and releasing an official game under the Tamagotchi brand early. – Download from iTunes


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