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If there’s one genre of apps that I spend a lot of time on these days, it’s the productivity apps that have been designed to hone and organize just about every aspect of your personal and professional life. Now, most people I’ve spoke to will typically find an app that they like and then stick to it rigidly unwavering from their decision and then continuing to update their app, avoiding the competition. I, on the other hand, try to switch between different productivity apps that offer something slightly different in the way of functionality. This switching can be something of a pain, but most productivity apps these days are fairly well integrated. What it does mean however is that I’m perfectly equipped to rate and rank the various productivity apps out there these days, in this case on the iPad. We run through our particular favorites in the list below, attempting to include both the traditional task management apps and those that simply make your working or your home life easier.

8. Slack (Free)

There are a huge amount of apps out there that are based on the idea of team communication and joint productivity, allowing employees to easily work on projects and share info. I’ll try not to dwell on these apps here, since they are for one specific use rather than general productivity apps, but one that is worth mentioning is Slack. With this app, you can easily communicate with other members of your team and share files: the basic premise being the app is to bring everything together in one place, and obviously to eradicate those annoyingly endless email chains and the hours you spend each week searching for that one file that someone sent you. – Download from iTunes

7. Wunderlist (Free)

To do list apps are the in thing right now, and one of the better options out there is Wunderlist. It currently accounts for millions of users the world over, allowing them to create lists for just about everything. Whether you are simply jotting down a quick grocercy list before heading to the store or planning the holiday of a lifetime with friends, the app is designed to help make this process easier. And you can start conversations about your to do entries, meaning that discussion is now a key thing and you can send photos or PDFs to that end. So no matter what you are looking for from a productivity app, Wunderlist has it all.  – Download from iTunes

6. Simplenote (Free)


It’s something of a running argument between me and my friends: they are Evernote people, and use Evernote across a range of different platforms such as their home computer and tablet, for both work and home life. I, on the other hand, tend to prefer the plain text option that is Simplenote and will actively claim its superiority at any and every possible occasion. As such, this list is something of a confession note since while I prefer Simplenote for its ease of use, Evernote is certainly the more comprehensive. Still, if you’re the kind of user that likes things to be reduced and minimal and without the added clutter, then you might want to check out the former. – Download from iTunes

5. Due ($4.99)


Due is a fairly robust and useful reminders app that allows you to maintain all different kinds of notes in your agenda, whether they be concerned with work or with home. It’s great for those who don’t have the time to spend inputting data into their various calendar or agenda apps, since all Due needs is one line from you and it can work out when the appointment or deadline is, then will automatically put that into your agenda and remind you of it in the future. That’s really the main selling point of Due, I believe: its quickness, and the fact that it will recognize just about anything you enter and work out the correct details so that you don’t have to mess around organizing your agenda entries.   – Download from iTunes


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