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Productivity apps is one of those mobile terms that I never really understood until beginning to use my smartphone and tablet in my professional life – at least, until I began using them more often! Organization is an attribute that I’ve always valued highly, and if there’s one thing that makes organizing your personal and professional life easy it’s productivity apps. The term can always be applied to those apps that simply help you to save time. Something like the SwiftKey app mentioned below falls into this category: it’s essentially a custom keyboard app, but is designed to make the typing process more efficient. A more traditional productivity app would be Evernote, which is great for jotting down everything from phone numbers to recording story ideas and so much more. I’m not sure where I’d be without Evernote, so expect that to make an appearance at some point on the list below. Here are our favorite productivity apps for Android devices!

8. SwiftKey (Free)

Mentioned above, SwiftKey is essentially a custom keyboard app that runs with a simple concept: that tapping away to enter text is an outdated means of entry, and that the idea of swiping is much more efficient. And having used this one for about 6 months now, I’d have to say that they’re right! The concept takes a while to get used to, since you always want to tap rather than type but it does make much more sense. The word prediction engine is excellent, and you can even cloud sync to different dictionaries. What’s more, the app is now free to download which makes it even more essential to those who like to fill their phones with productivity apps. Another good option is Swype, which offers much of the same. – Download from Google Play

7. CloudMagic (Free)


CloudMagic is the best of these emails apps, and I thought it best to mention one of them. It’s great for those who have multiple email accounts, bringing them all together to create one general inbox. The app currently supports all kinds of email clients, from Google to Office to Yahoo, iCloud and much more. If you find yourself often accessing different email accounts, through different apps or the same apps, CloudMagic is a great time saver in the long run. – Download from Google Play

6. OneDrive (Free)

Being a Windows Phone user for a while, I’ve come to appreciate the power of something like Microsoft’s OneDrive. It’s basically a storage drive app, and one that comes with 15GB of free space – who would want more, especially if you’re only using the app to store text files and that kind of thing. Yet, there is the option to upgrade to different tiers for a price: I think at the time of writing that these range from 100GB to 1TB and cost between $2 and $4 a month. OneDrive is especially valid if you consider its integration with Office and of course Windows itself. You can store items directly through Windows for example and then load up OneDrive and access them using your Android device. – Download from Google Play

5. Google Keep (Free)


If you’ve not heard of Google Keep, I can’t really blame you. It’s odd for Google to develop this kind of app and then not push it on people. The concept behind the app is similar to Evernote, where you use the app to put together notes or take voice memos and that kind of thing. It’s a great productivity app and one that is of course integrated into other Goolge products, and what’s more it’s free! – Download from Google Play


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