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The podcast has become such a popular medium these days that podcast apps are among the most sought after for smartphones, especially on the Android platform. The problem is that there is really no big name company behind a podcast app, besides perhaps iTunes for desktop computers. In comparison, the developers that have created most of the apps listed below are relatively small – or at least, the projects are relatively small. It’s difficult to know why that is the case, when some of the top podcasts around the world register hundreds of thousands of downloads every week. The problem with podcasts I guess is that they aren’t nearly as profitable as, say, some of the music streaming apps we’ve listed previously and in previous posts. Still, podcasts and their followings continue to move from strength to strength. Despite this bewildering lack of any major developer attempting to reinvent the way we consume podcasts daily and weekly and even monthly, we decided to download and purchase the most recognized of podcast apps for Android and come up with a definitive Top 8. The results are below!

8. BeyondPod (Free)

BeyondPod seems a nice place to start since the app has been around for quite some time, though tends to lack the visual or aesthetic appeal of its rivals. While this has never been one of the app’s strong points, it’s steady addition of features and improving on what is essentially a solid base app have definitely paid off. You can now import content from a variety of different sources, which wasn’t the case inititally but is now something of a must-have when it comes to podcasts apps. There is cloud syncing also, which allows you to keep all of your libraries organized and up to date. The app is free to download and use for a select period of around a week, but then will ask you to shell out for the full version at around $7 which is rather steep if you ask us! – Download from Google Play

7. DoggCatcher ($2.99)


One of the reasons I really like DoggCatcher as a podcast app is that it neatly breaks up its Discovery section (which seems to be a built in feature for most podcast apps these days) into different sections to make it easier to navigate. You are basically given video, audio or news, so can instantly get rid of all the stuff you aren’t interested in. There is the ability to import any existing episodes from your favorite podcasts inthe OPML format, or even through and RSS feed which is a great way to ensure that you are listening to the stuff that you want to listen to. The strength of DoggCatcher is however its customizable nature: specifically, small things such as the size of the audio player itself, which can make all the difference when it comes to the experience of your average user. – Download from Google Play

6. Stitcher for Podcasts (Free)

Sticher is something of a renowned radio streaming service, which makes its presence here on a list of podcast apps quite noticeable. Nonetheless, I believe it deserves a mention for its basic features and some nice additions such as the ability to set up customizable playlists for repeated listening. Some may have come across the app before and weren’t aware that Sticher also had a podcast-related side to its game. Consider this entry a reminder! – Download from Google Play

5. Player FM (Free)

Player FM is among the most modern (or at least the most modern looking) of the current crop of podcast apps for Android. It’s also full of user friendly features, such as the ability to discover new content based on the interests that are specific to you as a listener. You basically teach the app as you go along in the same way you might teach Pandora, though Player FM will note down your typical listening habits with regards to genre and then reflect this back at you when it comes to suggesting new content. For those that are always up for discovering new content and are not happy with just sitting idle and consuming the same podcasts each week, this is the app for you! – Download from Google Play


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