Top 8 | Must Have Apps for Apple Watch

It’s almost like purchasing a new games console: there is a certain amount of games to choose from, and you don’t quite know what to spend you money on first, or even in which direction to look. This is the situation that has greeted many new Apple Watch owners having invested in Apple’s first breed of wearable tech. The difference of course being that so many of the apps out there that have been updated for the Apple Watch were already known beforehand. Generally, you’d have some idea of what apps you want to download for your Apple Watch, since you already use them on your iPhone. The problem arises when there is an app you use regularly for your iPhone, but which hasn’t yet been updated to work with the Apple Watch. In this case, it’s often a good idea to go out and look for some alternatives that have been given the Apple Watch treatment. Whatever situation you find yourselves in, there is still a lot to choose from in terms of options. With this list, we take a look at some of the must have apps for this new platform; those that you should be downloading as soon as you’ve unwrapped your Apple Watch.

8. Twitterrific (Free)


While Twitter isn’t quite as popular as Facebook, it is still one of the most popular social platforms out there currently. The problem, as many iPhone users have found, is that the official Twitter app (also updated for the Apple Watch) does the basics fairly well but lacks a lot of functionality – lots of gaps that have since been filled by third party Twitter clients such as Twitterrific. If you’re a regular Twitter user then it’s worth checking out Twitterrific, for it allows you to manage multiple feeds really well and schedule tweets. In this sense, it is also very useful if you’re a business owner on Twitter who uses the social platform as a means to connect with your customers. The Twitter app does some things well, but managing such accounts is a whole lot easier with Twitterrific. – Download from iTunes

7. Citymapper (Free)


Given its ability to deliver information at a glance, not to mention its location specific capabilities, the Apple Watch has become a nice platform for travel and transit apps. One of the most impressive of these to hit the scene since the Apple Watch was first released is the Citymapper app, which becomes something of a crutch when getting around the world’s biggest cities. At the time of writing, the app covers such cities as London, New York and Paris with more to be added in the future; and when we say “covers”, we mean it! Bus, train and subway times, cycling routes and bike hire info, and much more. Simply set your destination or craft your journey with your iPhone, and then send the directions to your Watch so you don’t need to be walking around a strange part of town staring at your iPhone.  – Download from iTunes

6. Uber (Free)

It’s probably something that might cause a divided reaction among our audience, but by now Uber is very much the must have service when it comes to catching taxis in a big city. The Uber app update for the Apple Watch brings the basic functionality from the iPhone version to your wrist, but even this simple update turns the app into one of the must have apps for the Apple Watch. If you need a ride, simply tap the button on your wrist and the app will request a car for you – depending on the default settings you have on your iPhone. – Download from iTunes

5. Dark Sky ($3.99)

Dark Sky

It’s difficult when coming up with a list like this to cover all categories and ensure that most kinds of apps are properly represented. Considering how much we have come to rely on them, it wouldn’t be quite right to complete a list like this without once mentioning a weather app. One of my favorites is Yahoo Weather, which looks the business and has also been recently updated to work with the Apple Watch. Perhaps the one weather app out there with the most personality, however, is Dark Sky, which has become something of a cult favorite – if such a thing even exists for weather apps! As one or two have pointed out with Dark Sky on the Apple Watch, this recent update to give you inclement weather info at a glance removes the worst thing about using the app on the iPhone: that being actually opening the app in the first place! – Download from iTunes


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