Top 8 | Most Original Games for iPad

Even the most cursory glance of the Apple App Store these days will show you all kinds of similar games, often that simply rehash old ideas in order to get sales. Once a game has found some kind of success, as with the brilliant Minecraft, a huge wave of cheap apps will appear in order to take advantage of its success. This is often the case with app stores for other devices, such as on Google Play or on the Windows Phone store where there are less official apps to choose from and the rules for publishing an app are less strict. There are also games that get ported from consoles, or old games that get rehashed in order to take advantage of an existing audience or hit that nostalgia angle. Finding a really good, original game can take some digging – fortunately, we’re here to make that whole process easier. Check out our Top 8 most original games available for the iPad, and then suggest us some of your own in the comments section below. We love getting recommendations!

8. Papers, Please ($7.99)


I’ve tried to explain this game to people a thousand times, and it always comes out kind of flat and provokes the weirdest looks! Papers, Please is marketed as a “Dystopian Document Thriller”, which really tells you all you need to know! You play the border guard in some fictional communist state, then must grant access to different people based on the papers they lay in front of you. It’s a chance to play detective, in that there are small elements in each set of papers that will give the applicant away. Gradually, as you turn up for work each day and begin perusing papers, the game becomes more and more sinister and unlike any game you will have played before! – Download from iTunes

7. Machinarium ($4.99)


We’ve mentioned our love of Czech developers Amanita Design before, and their lovingly crafted adventure games have given us a huge amount of fun over the years. It’s great to see that they have been so well received on mobile devices as accessible as the iPad, too, and that a whole generation of more casual gamers are getting introduced to this stuff. I grew up with Point and Click adventures, so am used to the mechanics behind Machniarium. In this sense I guess it isn’t wholly original, but the art and the characters and the living and breathing landscape that the developers have come up with make it like nothing else out there! – Download from iTunes

6. FTL: Faster than Light ($9.99)

How about an interactive spaceship simulator that doesn’t actually involve any drama or shootouts or dramatic interstellar cut scenes. Welcome to the world of FTL or Faster Than Light, which puts you in the shoes of a starship captain and lets you control every small element of your vessel. It’s really a micro management game in the same way that an RTS game will have you jump around and check on and alter things, but things get interesting when you encounter some kind of crisis. Easy to pick up, very difficult to master and entirely original! – Download from iTunes

5. Hitman GO ($4.99)


I loved the old Hitman series on consoles but let’s be honest, they weren’t really that original, were they? Fortunately, Square Enix has scrapped all that with this latest Hitman GO game and come up with something entirely different but using the same familiar main character. – Download from iTunes


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