Top 8 | Most Beautiful Games for iPad

One thing that the iPad has helped to do is make handheld gaming a full screen thing, rather than something that is hindered by the dimensions of your device. Finally, strategy games with all kinds of visual detail involved have become a possibility – you can see it all clearly with the fantastic screen on the iPad, and the device is robust enough to withstand all kinds of smearing from the fingers of enthusiastic kids. While it seems that many mobile developers will put out games based on function and reward rather than anything else, there are an increasing number of games out there that are created with the experience in mind rather than anything else. Likewise, many developers these days will spend time creating something that looks the part visually – since the iPad screen is more adapted for this. But which games are the most beautiful? We’ve come up with a bunch that you can try today by downloading them from the App Store – why not check them out and let us know what you think in the comments section below?

8. Spirits ($2.99)


I should preface this thing by stating that, while it’s great to see games like Real Racing 3 which really push the hardware for all its worth and create realistic looking graphics that are perfect for showing off your device, I actually prefer something a lot more subtle. Games like Luminosity Mobile, for example: not the most stunning in terms of graphics, but the visuals are minimal and beautifully crafted. I certainly prefer the minimal graphics over the more emphatic examples, which is the perfect way to lead into our first entry: Spirits, by Spaces of Play. It has been described as boasting art that is “so beautiful it could have been lifted from a Miyazaki movie”, which is exactly what I thought when first witnessing it. It has won a bunch of indie game awards, and even has a dedicated iPad version which costs a dollar more than the iPhone version. – Download from iTunes

7. Year Walk ($3.99)

This one has a similar narrative idea to the Tengami game mentioned below, but is not Japanese – it’s Swedish! The idea is basically built on a fable: an old man’s walk through the woods, with innovative gameplay that is unlike anything we’ve played to date. Year Walk might freak you out initially, since it’s so different to anything you might have played byt the cinematic qualities are excellent and it’s a really rewarding game experience if you stick with. – Download from iTunes

6. LYNE ($2.99)

There are some great minimalist puzzle games ou there, with fantastic minimalist visuals to keep the interface basic and uncluttered. LYNE is just one of these, and I love the basic use of primary colors and bold fonts. As far as minimalist puzzlers go, this is one of the best looking – something that actively adds to the game experience. – Download from iTunes

5. Tengami ($4.99)


This is another fantastic looking game that I love to bring up when discussion the more obscure mobile titles with friends, and I can guarantee that no one has heard of it! If you’re really into beautiful ancient Japanese art and want a minimal game experience that is well worth the $5 price tag, then check out Tengami – you won’t be disappointed! It is set inside a gorgeous Japanese pop up book, and is the first game that I think I’ve ever come across with this kind of innovative pop up gameplay. – Download from iTunes


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