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Any parents out there reading this will know, keeping kids occupied in difficult situations can be a real art form. You might be out at a fancy restaurant and quietly willing them under your breath to sit down at the table and not run around, or on a long car journey with three kids kicking and screaming in the back seat. TV was always a good last resort when at home, since that small box has the power like no other in the world when it comes to making kids sit down and be quiet. Though, these days we have our mobile devices and tablets to do the same thing, which means that they can come in real handy when out and about. I know that my iPad has saved the day on more than one occasion, and diffused situations where restless kids begin taking out their boredom on one another. But what are the best kids games out there for the iPad, and what about those that are aimed at different age groups? We took a look around and report back with this Top 8.

8. Curious George’s Town ($2.99)


For the younger kids, one game that I’ve found really holds the attention is this Curious George game developed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. From the image above, the game looks like some kiond of isometric sim or strategy game, and it is, in a sense. More than that though, it is a game that teaches kids the value of money and the idea of completing tasks in order to attain a reward. The game lets kids carry out various chorse around the town with George, such as feeding the animals and baking cakes. Then, it lets parents set external chores that their kids can do at home but be rewarded by coins within the game that can be spent on extra stuff. An excellent way to teach kids! – Download from iTunes

7. Toca Nature ($2.99)


Toca Boca are behind a number of games that we love, and having little girls in particular, there’s nothing quite like the colorful and fun environments that the games come up with. There are many titles out there of note right now, but I think one of my favorites is Toca Nature which allows kids to shape a natural environment and then watch as it develops. Almost like the concept of watering a plant to see it grow, but inside a game! – Download from iTunes

6. Cut the Rope ($2.99)

Cut the Rope is one that I think appeals to kids of just about any age, and is basically a puzzle game but with an emphasis on physics. Each level sees you trying the feed the same hungry creature his candy, and you must swipe the screen to cut the rope and deliver the candy to his mouth each time. The process is a very simple one, since all kids can swipe the screen, right? The game is a great way to teach kids hand to eye coordination, and is a lot of fun, too. – Download from iTunes

5. Farm Heroes Saga (Free)


Another type of game that kids seem to have no trouble picking up is the classic Match 3 game, pushed by developers King with their excellent Candy Crush and Farm Heroes games. The latter is probably better for kids since it features a range of cute and cuddly characters, with fantastic colors and layouts to boot! – Download from iTunes


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