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I’ve often mentioned the effect different device have on the market for certain kinds of apps and innovations. The Apple Watch, for example, has inspired a huge amount of interest from the automobile industry, as companies clamber over one another to find a way to integrate new kinds of functionality to their wearable app, allowing you to control just about every aspect of your car from the comfort of your wrist, whether that be locking the doors, arming the alarm, and a whole lot more. I noticed a massive increase in the amount of incredible food and cooking related apps when the iPad was introduced, because it seemed that finally cooks had a proper multi purpose replacement for their cook book, which would allow them to store recipes and make alterations and all kinds, without ending up with a stack of papers that just got increasingly covered in flecks of cake mixture. While I don’t think the Apple Watch will have the same kind of exciting influence, it does make for some interesting developments. Here we take a look at the best food apps for the Apple Watch, including in the kitchen apps and those to find food around you.

4. OrderUp (Free)


OrderUp is one of the best apps out there for ordering food, and with their latest update for the Apple Watch it’s now easier than ever before to track the status and the ETA of your food. So never again will you have to make a desperate call to your local takeaway: simply glance at your watch and check the position of the delivery guy – it’s as easy as that! – Download from iTunes

3. Food Network in the Kitchen (Free)


The Food Network has always been somewhat ahead of the curve when it comes to developing exciting and innovative apps for the kitchen, so it makes sense that they should be one of those leading the way when it comes to updating their app for Apple Watch functionality. With this latest update, you can now check what’s airing on the network from the comfort of your wrist, and if you are the kind of food fan that likes to try out the recipes you see on their shows, then you can access all of tbese on your wrist, too. And if you see a recipe you like, simply add it to your Recipe Box which will sync wit your iPhone and iPad versions of the app in order to make sure that your favorite recipes are always in the same place and ready to be accessed.- Download from iTunes

2. Green Kitchen ($0.99)


Green Kitchen has quickly carved out a massive following thanks to its innovative recipe app functionality, but with a heavy emphasis on healthy eating and the idea of finding nice to cook that won’t ruin your diet. Regardless of whether you want to eat more vegetables or fruit, or are a full time vegetarian or vegan, this app certainly makes the process a whole lot easier. It’s something of a companion app for the kitchen, meaning that you can plan the perfect meal from your iPhone and then transfer all of this info to your wrist so that you don’t have to check your phone again, whether you are at the market buying fresh ingredients or you are slaving away in the kitchen. – Download from iTunes

1. Epicurious (Free)

We’ve all been in the position before, at least those of us who have spent at least some time in the kitchen: you’re cooking something but are away from the kitchen, and need some kind of reliable reminder in order to remind  you when to take something out of the oven. Epicurious has always been known for its excellent in the kitchen app, and in particular for its inclusion of multi purpose timers that really give you a helping hand, especially when you’re cooking multiple items at once. The recent update to the Epicurious app for the Apple Watch focuses is on this smart functionality, so that you can monitor the status of stuff from your wrist, without the need to fish around for your iPhone with dirty hands. You can even send the info from your cooking app on the iPhone to your wrist for easy checking. – Download from iTunes


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