Top 8 | Dating Apps for Apple Watch

Dating apps are the big thing these days, no matter the platform you happen to be using. They seem to range from those designed to help you meet new people, to those that are specifically made to help you hook up with single people for no-strings fun. And the market is so saturated these days that many of these apps boast some kind of defining feature, so as to set them apart from the pack. The swipe left and right thing is something pioneered by Tinder but has been taken up by many of the competition apps since, and there is also the radar system to allow you to locate single people that are online wherever you are. And while a great deal of the time spent on dating apps is interacting with others, getting to know one another and exchanging details, much of the time is spent maintaining and checking your profile, which kind of makes dating apps ideal for the Apple Watch and its at a glance system. With the release of Apple’s new device, many of the leading players in the dating site/app game such as Tinder, Match and OKCupid (all owned by the same company) were quick to jump in and update their apps accordingly. But there are some newcomers to the game, as seen below in our list of favorites!

8. The Inner Circle (Free)


Let’s start off with one of those dating apps that has something slightly different going for it, so as to set it apart from the slew of Tinder copies that have sprung up in the wake of the latter’s success. The Inner Circle basically runs with a single premise and runs with it well, that being, as the name probably suggests, one of exclusivity! The app is very, very strict about its screening policy, meaning that you can’t join unless you go through the process but the “quality” of people that you can meet on the other side is a lot more agreeable, or so we’re told. Long story short, they want rich and pretty people to fill up their database of users, so that if you do get onto the site then you will have more chance finding a special person rather than having to fend off an army of randoms. – Download from iTunes

7. 3nder (Free)

3nder is actually one of the more exciting options to come out of the development of the Apple Watch, at least when it comes to dating apps. I love the interface of this one, with its basic use of orange and black and white, but the concept is even better. Basically, it gets rid of photos and selfies and all that stuff and focuses on the surprise element of dating. So, all you have to go on is the personality of someone that comes through with their profile text and their description of themselves, rather than flattering photos that might have been taken 10 years ago! It’s also very much a proximity based thing, looking to help you find people in your area. – Download from iTunes

6. OKCupid (Free)

OKCupid has been around for quite a while, but that hasn’t stopped them from pulling out all the stops when it comes to updating their app to reflect current market trends – or what single people want these days! Their recent Quickmatch feature is a welcome addition, and is similar to Tinder in that it allows you to scroll through profile photos and quickly select someone of interest from your general area. – Download from iTunes

5. PlanetRomeo (Free)


For once, gay hook up app Grindr seems to be somewhat behind the curve when it comes to appealing to a generation of gay people looking for love and fun. No, the first same sex dating app to hit the Apple Watch is Jack’d, which is actually quite similar and is really based around the idea of location and findin people into you in your general vicinity. Much more balanced an app is the UK-based alternative PlanetRomeo, who also recently updated their app for the  Apple Watch. It is designed to help guys meet guys, and lets you browse user profiles, read messages and save favorite people directly from your wrist! – Download from iTunes


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