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It was always going to be inevitable, given an environment like the App Store and rise in so called retro gaming in recent years. Not to mention, the fact that publishers would rather fund the development of games with an existing audience, rather than push money at something original and as such, a risk. Yes, there are plenty of games out there that not only channel the idea of retro games  but also exist on the app store as basic ports or reworkings of old games. Square makes a lot of its money selling their beloved games on iTunes at ridiculous prices, often simply throwing in a clunky touch screen system for the iPhone or iPad and then leaving it at that. It’s lazy, but completely understandable from a marketing perspective. Folk love the Final Fantasy series, and want to see just about every classic edition of the game on their iOS device – and are willing to pay $14.99 for a game that is essentially 20 years old, so developers will continue to find rereleases. But I digress: I love classic games, and here are a bunch of particular favorites for the iPad.

8. Double Dragon Trilogy ($2.99)

The Double Dragon series was perhaps the most frustrating side scrolling game ever created, but added a fascinating element in that you could shuffled through the crudely drawn streets, punching everything in sight, alongside on of your friends! I remember first coming across the game at a local arcade when I was a kid and becoming instantly enamored by this multi player element in particular. All of a sudden, you could get a proper two player quest out of a single arcade token and this made a big difference to my 13 year old self! The game also introduced many people to the whole Big Boss concept that is a feature in games up to this day! – Download from iTunes

7. The Secret of Monkey Island ($2.99)

Monkey Island

We love our point and click classics in the Top 8 office, and this is one of the all time favorites. Monkey Island was, along with Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle, perhaps the one point and click title that I played the most back in the day – and let me tell you, it still holds up very well today! – Download from iTunes

6. Mega Man X ($4.99)

Mega Man is a series of games that I came across quite late, mainly because I was a Super Mario kid and kind of stuck to the safe platformers rather than the more radical ones. And yes, Mega Man did seem quite fresh and radical at the time, with its sharp pixel graphics and enthusiastic main character. The series of games has gone from strength to strength over the years though will never be as popular as with those initial games on consoles. – Download from iTunes

5. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition ($9.99)


Baldur’s Gate is another one of those games that took away a lot of my time as a kid. I played the PC version, and it was really one of my first RPG experiences. I remember being entirely blown away by the level of detail invovled: the fact that you could slay a character and then pick up every sinle one of their items, view them and trade them for cash whenever you found a shop. The art work was always a lot of fun to see, too, and must have taken quite a while to create! – Download from iTunes


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