Top 8 Business Apps for Apple Watch

One area of the App Store in which the Apple Watch has really sparked some level of innovation and creativity is the idea of business apps; those that you can use for work-related endeavors, such as messaging colleagues or managing some kind of working environment. I suppose the reason for this is simply that the Apple Watch is so convenient: being wearable, you have it available at all times so can manage things at a glance. This can make it especially useful in meetings, where it’s often not practical (or allowed) to pull out your iPhone and start navigating apps. The success of wireless Bluetooth headsets among those who are busy working everyday shows us that it’s not so much about convenience but about the ease with which things can be done. Responding to a call is easier when you have a hands free headset; managing your employees or your work emails or your scheduled tasks is easier when it can be monitored on your wrist. We recently took a bunch of these Apple Watch business apps or a spin and came up with our favorites; why don’t you suggest some of your own?

8. TigerText (Free)

Let’s kick things off with the enterprise app TigerText, which is one of a few impressive messaging apps for the Apple Watch that are designed to not only boost professional productivity but also allow you a secure platform upon which to work. Traditional messaging apps don’t offer the same level of security; only now are we beginning to see products such as Confide which is the first real off-the-record messenger for the iOS platform.  TigerText allows users to securely preview, read and  of course send messages in real time. The best thing about their Apple Watch update however is the speech to text dictation, which means that you can punch out messages and send them on the go simply by talking into your Watch; your iPhone doesn’t even need to be present! – Download from iTunes

7. CommitTo3 (Free)


CommitTo3 is, put very simply, a goal tracking app that allows you to set up your specific objectives and then check them off with a tap of the wrist. It can work for you at home from a day to day basis with chores, reminders to exercise and the like, but is equally proficient when it comes to professional tasks. CommitTo3 presents the idea of setting up three specific tasks to commit to during the day, then allows you to check them off as and when they are completed. You can even view other commits, which is great for team based businesses.  – Download from iTunes

6. Avaamo (Free)


Another excellent business app with secure messaging in mind is Avaamo, which offers the same kind of speech to text functionality as TigerText but with another couple of additions that set it apart, in our opinion. There are smart emojis, for one, and who doesn’t love emojis? Then you have your file or image and video exchange, which can be very useful when trading material back and forth. The most impressive and convenient thing about such apps however is not even the fact that it provides a secure platform for your work conversations, but that you can manage them with ease at a glance. – Download from iTunes

5. Invoice2Go (Free)


As any small business owner will no doubt tell you, the process of creating invoices and delivering them can be a real pain. It’s a time consuming process, but the Apple Watch is all about convenience: Invoice2Go makes it easier than ever before to create great looking invoices no matter where you are, simply with a few taps of your wrist. The app allows professionals to monitor the time they spend on tasks each day, then allows them to create and send invoices and even receive payment notifications directly to their wrist! – Download from iTunes

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