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We’ve been through a range of different Bluetooth devices for both Apple and Android devices, but what about a more general list that looks at those that best use the Bluetooth technology. This is what we intend to do below: to layout a few of our favorites when it comes to wireless speakers, headphones and the like, that may not head up their individual category but are great when paired with an Android device and well worth the price. Really, these are the Bluetooth accessories that we have perhaps used the most this year, and that we have come to rely on for various reasons. Of course, all lists are subjective which is why we’d love to hear yours! Why not contact us via email with a detailed list of your favorite Bluetooth accessories for Android? Or even leave a comment in the section below and let us know of any accessories that we might have missed and should be checking out.

8. JBL Charge ($127.00)

JBL Charge

Starting off with a Bluetooth speaker, one of our favorites out there in a huge range of different products is the JBL Charge which adopts a similar aesthetic to the UE Boom, offering a can-like shape that promises better all round sound. The best thing about the JBL Charge however its its portability, since it’s lightweight enough to stash away in your bag when around town and won’t add any unnecessaru kilograms to your luggage when taking it on vacation. The Charge comes with its very own travel case, too, so as to protect it from scratches and bumps, and even has a USB port that can be used to conveniently charge up other devices – hence the name! – Buy from Amazon

7. Jabra FREEWAY ($89.86)

Jabra Freeway

Another Bluetooth device that has been firmly strapped above my head in the car for some time now is Jabra’s FREEWAY, which is advertized as a wireless speakerphone but is really just a handy speaker that can be attached to the roof so as to not impose with your driving. It can therefore be used not only to answer calls in a safe, hands free manner but also to listen to your favorite music or podcasts in the car. You can use your voice to make and take calls completely hands free, and the device will announce the name of the incoming caller so you don’t even need to take your hands off the wheel in order to take an important call. There is even an FM transmitter that will send music and calls from your mobile phone to your car radio. With up to 14 hours of talk time and around 40 days of standby time, this is also one of the most durable you will find when it comes to Bluetooth speakers for you car. – Buy from Amazon

6. Belkin Music Receiver ($31.99)


We’ve only really tackled a few Bluetooth audio receivers at this point, but the best one that I’ve used with an Android device is by far this little product created by Belkin. Some people will spend hundreds of dollars to get a proper wireless audio system in their home, but this little guy presents a much more affordable option. It works with a basic set of powered speakers or a full home audio system, and will take on anything with a regular audio jack. As I say, I’ll admit to not yet really testing the waters when it comes to other audio receivers that use Bluetooth and support Android devices, but this received can be an invaluable accessory to own. – Buy from Amazon

5. Logitech Keys-To-Go ($62.99)


We’ve been through a bunch of Bluetooth keyboards recently that work with Android devices – keep an eye out for our definitive Top 8 list at some point in the near future -and to offer some kind of spoiler, by far the best keyboards we’ve found are those developed by Logitech. This won’t come as much of a surprise to technology buffs out there, since Logitech have ruled the keyboard and mouse market for some time. At least, those that are created for regular consumers, whereas gamers and coders will often look elsewhere. One of these keyboards that Logitech has made for mobile devices is the Keys-To-Go model, which places an emphasis on portability and compatibility. Whether you use an Android smartphone or tablet, you can easily pair it with this keyboard and increase your productivity tenfold! – Buy from Amazon


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