Top 8 | Best Apple Watch Apps of 2016

It’s coming up on a year since the Apple Watch was first unleashed on the world, though it might have been significantly less time than that since you first got your hands on one. As promised, a lot has happened since then to reassure Apple fans that this is a piece of technology to stand on its own, rather than simply being tied to and existing as an extension of your iPhone. This is mainly down the the release of Watch OS2, which allows for native apps and brings a whole host of new possibilities to the table. It’s really what Apple should have kicked off with in the beginning, perhaps even delaying the initial release of the Apple Watch until its apps could stand on their own two feet. One of the main criticisms still leveled at Apple’s first wearable product is the lack of apps, but I wouldn’t necessarily subscribe to that. There are plenty of excellent iOS apps out there that support the Watch, with the list growing with each month that passes. But what are the best Apple Watch apps available at the time of writing, as we near the device’s one-year anniversary?

4. 1Password (Free)


1Password is another very useful app that is a great little companion for those who use two factor authentication. For those that don’t, it might be a good idea to look into that! You load the app onto your Watch and then get access to the authentication codes setup with your iPhone, which makes accessing them easier than ever before. It takes some work, but it’s great to see that the popularity of apps like 1Password is helping users to think more securely. – Download from iTunes

3. Dark Sky ($3.99)

Dark Sky

By far my favorite weather app, and one that continues to see improvements as it adapts to the current climate, is Dark Sky. Again, one of the complaints leveled at the Apple Watch is that it hasn’t much in the way of choice, but the weather apps section of the App Store in particular is full of apps with Watch support. The single app I use most among these is Dark Sky, which focuses in on inclement weather to warn you of rain or snow in your area. Its minute by minute updates and hyper localized nature mean that even going out to walk the dog can be planned around the info that you have access to right here. – Download from iTunes

2. Watchup (Free)


There are a number of nice news apps for the Apple Watch, but one of those that has been causing headlines recently is WatchUp. This app bascially takes local, national and international TV news and then shoots it right to yoru iPhone and Apple Watch, meaning that you get short bursts of timely news right on your wrist. It’s a nice idea, and helps to set WatchUp apart from the other news apps currently available for Watch users. – Download from iTunes

1. Citymapper (Free)


By far my favorite app on the Apple Watch right now however is the Citymapper app, which is an absolute must grab for those new to Apples’s wearable device. It’s of particular importance if you live in a city, of course, since it does an excellent job of mapping the public transport an giving you immediate access to the bus stops and train stations in your general vicinity. This is really what the Apple Watch was built for: locational awareness and at a glance info delivered directly to your wrist. The app allows you to save addresses, too, then give you immediate turn by turn info when it comes to reaching your place of work or your home. Of course, these are first set up on your iPhone and can then be accessed from your wrist, but it’s great to have these presets loaded that can be accessed in a matter of taps, and without pulling your iPhone from the depths of your bag. – Download from iTunes


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