Top 8 Best Airline Apps for Android

While the beginning of the year is not exactly the time that most people do their traveling, their has been something of a shift recently towards airline apps that are actually useful, with many of the bigger airlines taking pains to create and market their own free app that is to act as your companion when flying with the likes of British Airways or American Airlines, for example. Looking at many of the apps that have been updated to support the Apple Watch, for example, there are at least enough to create a Top 8, which gives you some idea of the popularity of these apps at present. Today however we will be focusing on Android smartphones and tablets, looking at the best airline apps out there and how practical these actually are. The testing of these apps actually works quite well, since while we’re not off on our holidays and as such cannot test them in a live situation, most users will only tangle with such apps when flying, which can be a brief process.

8. Air Canada (Free)


Let’s start with the Air Canada app, which is useful enough as a travel companion, boasting a home screen that will provide you with contextual information based on your plans and your preferences. The app allows you to search and book flights, then manage several trips at once with ease. Even the best airline apps can fall down when it comes to delivering notifications, but the Air Canada app does it fairly well. You can be notified for a number of things, from check in and boarding reminders to gate changes, flight delays, cancellations, booking charges and a lot more. Push notifications are nice, but you can also select to receive these notifications via email or SMS, too. – Download from Google Play

7. Alaska Airlines (Free)


Sticking with the Canada theme, there is also the Alaska Airlines app which we’ve found to be very useful. You can explore different options through the app, book trips, check in and move through the airports with relative ease. The mobile check in is another useful aspect of the app, allowing you to check in through the app itself up to 24 hours before the flight. And of course, all the relevant flight info will be delivered to the app and updated constantly, so you will never miss your flight or miss out on information as it becomes available. – Download from Google Play

6. British Airways (Free)

For those of you who have traveled to the United Kingdom before, British Airways is undoubtedly the way to go. Their mobile app certainly backs up this status as the best airline in the UK, and is designed to make the whole process of traveling that much easier, from the conception to the completion of your journey. You can look for flights and make bookings through the app itself, access your flight details on the go and get updated details on departure times and that kind of thing. This is also one of the most customizable airline apps out there, since you can actively alter the home screen to suit your own personal needs, which as most will agree is an excellent touch. One small gripe we did have is that, for those who are downloading the app when out and about, the whole registration process can be a pain and actually takes users out of the app itself to their browser in order to fill in the relevant fields. This could easily be addressed by including this registration process in the app itself. – Download from Google Play

5. United Airlines (Free)


United Airlines have also invested a lot of money in their official user app, both for iOS and Android users. The result is something very intuitive, and with an interface design that is each enough to navigate. The great thing abot the United Airlines app is that it isn’t just for customers: flight attendants and even pilots can work out what’s going on though it, which I’m sure proves just as important a tool working for the airline as it does traveling with it. You can see a map of where you are and where you’re going, what kind of plane you’re flying on, even stream movies and TV shows through the app while flying.  – Download from Google Play

4. Southwest Airlines (Free)


The Southwest app is a polished enough effort and allows you to check in, book and even cancel flight reservations. You can quickly see your upcoming flight’s status, check where you will be boarding and even get updated gate info from the home page. The app will also obviously allow you to see your mobile boarding pass, meaning that you can use it when shopping for duty free and don’t need to carry the printed out copy around with you. The app is also useful in that you can book or cancel car rental reservations through the app, which is idea if you’re perhaps traveling somewhere on business and only realise at the last minute that you will need a car in the city you are traveling to. There are also weather and travel alerts, which is obviously very useful when you want to know what the weather is like where you’re traveling to. – Download from Google Play

3. American Airlines (Free)

Another of those airlines that has invested heavily in the development and promotion of its official app is American Airlines, which offers a variety of different tools that are specifically designed to aid you in your trip. You get at a glance details such as your updated flight status, and of course your gate and seat number. You can check in through the app itself, as you can with most of these airline apps, and even download your boarding pass. Once you have an account you can also log in and change your seat number if you need to. – Download from Google Play

2. JetBlue (Free)


The JetBlue app is another one that is full with features and functions that are very useful when traveling. You can download the app and get instant access to your different flight and travel itineraries, as well as updated status info, mobile boarding passes, as well as in flight entertainment that can be taken advantage of when you’re flying. And as with many of these airline apps, they are designed to support you through the flying process right from the start, even allowing you to search and book flights through the app. – Download from Google Play

1. Fly Delta (Free)


The Fly Delta app is certainly one of the best airline apps out there at present, and currently serves over 160 million customers each year. It’s also one of the more feature rich alternatives currently available on the market, allowing you to find and compare domestic flighs and even book SkyMiles tickets. You can rebook cancelled flights and missed connections, manage your trips, profiles and transactions and even customize your travel preferences. As with many of the airline apps that support the Apple Watch, many of the airline apps also support Android Wear. With the Fly Delta app for example, you can check your eBoarding Pass on your watch once you’ve checked in. – Download from Google Play

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